Laser Hair Removal at Therapie Clinic – Review


Hi Lovelies.

Hope you are all well and ready for the weekend, hopefully Mr.Sunshine will stick around for a while!! We have something a bit different on the blog for you today. We are venturing away from the usual makeup related posts and we’re gonna chat laser hair removal. Now that spring has sprung, if you’re not diggin’ on the body hair it’s time for the annual harvest, you know the one…..time to defuzz!! We’ve been there…..Immac, Veet, Gillette, Venus, Wilkinson Sword, Nair all over the shop. But isn’t it such a chore?? I’ve never met anyone who said “Oooh Goody, it’s time for my bikini wax, I can’t wait!!”. Most of us dread the thoughts! And I always wished I never  had to do it again. So that’s when I began to look into laser hair removal.


Now the procedure sounds a little scarier than it actually is. Basically a medical grade laser is used that is attracted to the dark pigments in our hair and hair follicles. The laser heats the hair and this heat is what destroys the hair AND the follicle, meaning no hair can grow from that follicle again. It sounds kinda horrific but it’s a really  quick and easy procedure.  As our hair growth cycle renews every 6 weeks, it is necessary to have at least 6 sessions 6 weeks apart. This makes sure we get all hairs through the cycle and our treatment will be effective.


I initially started a course of laser hair removal a few years ago but it didn’t really work out for me. There was too long left between my sessions which effected the success of my treatment. I definitely noticed a difference but I wasn’t totally happy with my results. And then strolling around Whitewater one day I was handed a brochure for the new Therapie clinic opening in Newbridge…bingo. I booked a consultation there and then and decided to give it another go.


Therapie clinic in Newbridge is gorgeous as I’m sure the rest of them are too. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the amazing smell, their signature Lemon and Tea Tree scent. The place was spotlessly clean and decorated really nicely, a perfect mix of clinic and spa I thought. It’s bright and airy with some funky chill-out tunes playing in the backround…a far cry from some of the grotty, dated places I’d been to before.



I had a  seat in the waiting area and had a little peek at their retail section. They have lots of excellent brand products for sale including Dr.Murad and Image as well as their own brand products. While I was waiting I was also offered a green tea or lemon water which I thought was a lovely touch.


The first visit is for a free consultation and patch test. All clients have to have a patch test before their first treatment to make sure they are a suitable candidate for the treatment won’t have a reaction or sensitivity. The therapist I had for my consultation was lovely and I felt comfortable straight away. I was having underarm and bikini done and she explained everything in detail and made sure I understood what was involved and what results I could expect. So all was well with my patch test and I booked in for session one.


So at this stage you’re probably all just wondering does it hurt? Is it really pain-free? Well I’m not going to lie…’s not that bad!! It’s definitely not the most comfortable things I’ve ever had done but I wouldn’t say it’s painful. Or even anywhere near painful. It feels like a quick light snapping sensation on the skin that lasts for a just milisecond. Some areas are more sensitive than others depending on the stubborness of the hair but honestly it’s over so quick you barely feel it. Our own sensitivity can differ also, depending on factors such as tiredness, time of the month etc…And to be honest anything that means I never have to get waxed again is totally worth it in my book. A cooling aloe gel is applied straight after treatment which is a nice relief. The aloe is recommended for aftercare at home as well as a light exfoliator to be used on the areas after a few days.


So I started my treatments last year and have had my 6 sessions, all either 6 or  8 weeks apart. My therapist advised me each time how long to leave between sessions and I took her advice and booked my next session each time before I left.  I’m pleased to report that after the 6 sessions the laser hair removal has been a total success. I won’t be posting before and after pics this time so you’ll just have to trust me!!  I have had one top-up session after my first 6 just because I had some very light regrowth, I mean very light and very fair which is totally normal!! I’m thrilled with the results and planning on having the legs done next.


My therapist for all my sessions was Sultanah. I found her brilliant, so friendly and knowledgeable and she made me feel so comfortable and relaxed at every session. I can’t remember exactly what offer was on when I booked my treatment but each session averaged around €65 bikini and €33 underarm but there was a combo deal making it cheaper. Therapie always have fantastic offers and the one at the minute is buy one area and get another for just 1 cent!! When you compare that to years of razors and waxing I know which one I prefer.


Below is a link to the Therapie website, all the pricing info is there as well as lots of before and after pics and the FAQ which covers everything you need to know if you’re thinking about going for it :


So there you have it, that’s the low down on my laser hair removal experience. Be sure to let us know your laser experiences and if you go to Therapie Newbridge let us know too 🙂


Until next time,

Live Pretty (and fuzz-free!!),

Lisa M xx



Understanding Colour Correcting!

Hello Everyone!

Colour correcting the skin can be quite mind boggling for anyone that doesn’t understand the concept of colour theory!  So I’m hoping this post will provide you with a better understanding of why we have greens, pinks & peach concealers which are great for counteracting pigmentation, blemishes etc…

Just a note though before I move on, colour correcting can be done after you have cleansed, toned and moisturized the skin, after this you can go ahead and prime and conceal.

First though I want to explain what colour theory is. Below is a picture of a colour wheel which might be familiar from your first Art lesson at school. Do you remember your art teacher explaining the colour wheel to you? primary, secondary and tertiary colours? how to blend primary colours to create secondary and tertiary colours? this trick works exactly the same for makeup.

Makeup artists use this wheel on regular basis they may not physically have this image planted on there desks etc.. but believe me this wheel is implanted in our heads, we refer back to this everytime we stand in front of a client to determine her skin type and what foundation we pick, types of concealers and certain eyeshadows that will complement her eyes!

How to work the colour wheel:  For me, I have naturally dark under eyes that are a deep blueish colour so to correct this, I take a look at a colour wheel and I can then see that the opposite colour to blue is orange. I then apply the orange pigment as this will neutralise the deep blue colour of my under eyes.

For anyone that might suffer with ‘Rosacea’ which tends to affect the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and is characterised by redness, if you look at the wheel and go to the red, the opposite of red is green hence why the green is a colour that you will find in a corrector palette.  By simply dabbing the green colour to cover the area will neutralise the red.  I hope this is making sense!!

I want to simplify this as much as I can and break it down so that you can understand as much as possible.  So what I want you to do when you are ready to apply your concealer is, have a look in the mirror and take note of what you want to conceal and the colour of the problamatic area!

For example is it the undereye area? is it blue or purple? or around the nose which maybe reddish or redness on the cheeks which can be sometimes refered to as ‘Rosacea’ as described above.  These are all common skin areas that clients want to cover.  Don’t be afraid to use these concealers to cover these areas.  The colours are there to counteract/cancel out against the redness or blueish tones on the skin.  Using darker foundations to apply on these areas will not cover but only enhance the area.  Embrace your colour corrector and play around with the shades and I promise you, your skin will appear flawless once you apply the concept of the colour theory.  Refer to the colour wheel if you are not 100% sure on what concealer to use.  Colour wheels are accessible on google pics or pinterest!

This is a great colour guide that I found on Musingsofamakeupjunkie.  It explains the theory of each colour that you might find in a concealer palette.

We have so many brands available to us that cater for correcting and concealing.  We have primers that are also there to not only prime but to even out skin tone or to correct the redness.

Below is what I carry in my kit for use on clients.

This Concealer palette from Catrice is great.  You have your green and peach/orange tones to help counteract against red and blue.  Retails at €5.00.



These are the Prime & Fine by Catrice that also work as a colour corrector.  The pink one is used to even out skin tone, the green one is used to cancel out redness.  The only thing that I would recommend is to use the green one sparingly, do not rub all over the skin, just dab on where needed as sometimes I feel its to much and can show through your foundation.


Catrice can be purchased from most pharmacies or Penneys.

OK!  Brace yourselves for this mugshot of Moi!  I’m baring it all just for you guys so that you can understand exactly where to apply your correcting concealers so excuse the head on me.  No filters here ladies/gents lol!!

The Left picture gives you a clear indication of what I need to correct, my nose area, cheeks, to lip, forehead, are all slightly red.  My undereye and inner eye area are dark with a blueish hue.

The Right picture is what I used to correct these areas.  The green counteracting against the red, the peachy/orange tone will cancel out the dark tones under my eyes and the pink tone will give me a slight highlight down the bridge of my nose!


The Left picture is the correcting concealers blended in.  I used a beauty blender which I find works best for me.  I have no foundation on and already you can see a difference.

The Right picture is the completed look with my usual face routine apart from eyeshadow as I wanted the focus to be on the skin.

So ladies and gents you can see how correcting can give you that appearance of flawless skin.  I hope this post has been somewhat helpful to you and gives you a bit more confidence to try out this concealing technique.

The reason I didn’t list so much brands is because I have only ever used the Catrice products and I didn’t want this post to be focused solely on selling a product, but more to give you a better understanding of how to apply the products.  So no matter what brand you are using the technique is always the same.

I really do hope this helps any questions you can message us on facebook at Lisas’Livin’Pretty or snap us @makeupbylisa or @lisabeth-86 we will always reply.  We would love to hear any feedback from this post so let us know how you get on.

Thanks for reading guys.

Until next time


Lisa D xx

All About That Base – Part 1


Hi lovelies 🙂

Can anyone remember what we did before primer? These days it’s definitely a must-have product in every girls makeup bag! Primers generally have two main functions- to smooth the skins texture before foundation and to make the foundation last longer. As well as this though there are lots of primers on the market for colour correction, hydration and even illuminating the skin. Today though we are going to give you our top picks of primers suitable for us girls with oily skin.


Oily skin can be tricky when it comes to makeup. We want to mattify the skin without making it look dull and we want a healthy glow but not a shine. Finding that balance is hard. We have tried and tested 4 different primers specifically formulated for oily skins and here’s how we got on……


First up..NO.7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base

This has a strange texture almost like toothpaste. It’s thick and can be hard to spread across the skin, but once it’s on it’s not going anywhere!! You have to work quick though and get your foundation on before the primer starts to “set” underneath. I found this one to work well , my foundation lasted really well with very little shine.

€14.50 Boots Nationwide


Next we tried NYX Shine Killer

We had high hopes for this one as we have have been really impressed with everything else we have tried from NYX recently. This has a clear gel-like consistency and it’s easy and quick to apply…but it didn’t really feel like it soaked in to the skin. Foundation was easy to apply on top but I’m afraid I didn’t notice any difference in shine or longevity using this one.

€15.50 Selected Pharmacies Nationwide or


Next up Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base

After using Inglots original Under Makeup Base and not getting on too well with it, I wasn’t sure how this one was going to work out. But being the devoted makeup obsessive I am, of course I was gonna have to buy it and see. This formula of this one is like a mix of the No7 and the NYX. It’s like a gel but when you apply it to the face you can feel it mattifying the skin straight away like a paste. It also seemed to blur out some imperfections and large pores…bonus!! My foundation lasted all day with this one with only minor touch ups on the cheeks, instead of my usual blotting sheets and powder every couple of hours. I was really impressed with this and it’s now my go-to everyday primer.

€22 Inglot Stores Nationwide


Last up Catrice Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base

This primer is a total bargain at only €5.49 and Catrice always deliver when it comes to quality at an affordable price. This one is creamier than the others and felt like a moisturiser when applied. It settled in to the skin nicely and my foundation sat well on top. I did notice an improvement in the shine with this one but not as much as the Inglot or No7 ones. But for €5.49 it’s definitely worth having in my kit.

€5.49 Selected Pharmacies and Penneys Nationwide


So after a few weeks of trying these the Inglot Mattifying Under Makeup Base has been my favourite,. Although it is more expensive, it’s worth it to get the base right. I loved No7 Beautiully Matte too but I will probably only wear this occasionally as it did feel quite thick and dry on the skin. The Catrice Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base comes in in 3rd place while the NYX Shine Killer is getting relegated to the “stuff I never use” drawer!! Sorry NYX we do love you but this just didn’t work out 😦

We will have our next installment of our All About That Base series coming soon, looking at the best primers for dry skin. In the meantime let us know any favourites you have that we might have missed….

Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx

The Perfect Glow

Hi Ladies,

Hope you have all had a fab weekend and ready to plough through another week!

I just wanted to do a quick little post on what products I use on clients to achieve that dewy/glow to the skin. It’s probably one of the most frequent questions I get asked so why not tell you all about it, this is why we started the blog in the first place right!

So let me begin by saying that prepping the skin before applying makeup is essential. If you apply your makeup on dirty skin you are not going to achieve your desired makeup finish! Would you paint over your walls if they were dirty or even paint over dirty nail polish nope, why? Because it just wouldn’t work, the dirt would eventually start to come through! It’s that simple, you have to start with clean skin free from any previous makeup etc…

Most of my fabulous clients would come into me having done there daily routine cleansed, toned and moisturised which is brilliant, either way I always make sure to use my fav skin prep technique.


Embryolisse Lait-Creme Contretre Nourishing Moisturiser 30ml

This is my holy grail of moisturisers! I have already mentioned it in my beauty favs but just to recap, it leaves your skin feeling uber soft and fresh, a brilliant product for dry skin, but can be used on all skin types. It’s a 6 in 1 Multitasker, primer, moisturiser, makeup remover, (although I haven’t used it as one yet) repair mask, an after shave cream, and a baby cream. This product is only new to Ireland and is available in Boots retailing at €17.

Now for the star products! I’ll give you the names of what I use and then a possible dupe for it that you can purchase in a drugstore!



Mac Strobe Cream

This is the main product I use on clients, I absolutely love this, it has that pearly pinky illuminating finish and I use it either all over the skin or only on key points depending on the clients skin type e.g. If a client had really dry skin than I could use this all over the face or if they were oily I would only use on the T-Zone, Cheek bones, Cupid’s bow etc.. Because this product is so good at what it does I think you have to be careful how you use it. It’s called Strobe for a reason!!! It retails at €12 for a 50ml bottle but a little goes a long way!! You can also mix a tiny bit of this with your foundation just to give you that little bit extra!


Boots Botanical All Bright Radiance Balm 50ml

This product has become very popular within the beauty community, it retails at €7.99 but it’s half price at the moment at €3.99. It leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing. The finish is gorgeous and very subtly leaving you with a stunning fresh glow on the skin. This can be wore alone or underneath your foundation.

Next up is Primer!

Primers in my opinion are an absolute must! They even out skin tone and fill in any unwanted pores or fine lines! If you find your makeup is sliding of your face when your on a night out, chances are you haven’t applied a primer or just not the correct one!



Smashbox Photo Finish

This is a silicone based primer it is thee best primer in my opinion this bad boy will hold onto that make for dear life, it is going no where!! It’s silky and lightweight texture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores leaving a flawless skin with a velvety smooth finish. It is pricey at €33 definitely a luxury product but again a little goes a long way. Available in boots stores.


Catrice Prime & Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base

This is my fav drug store primer, I am actually currently out of my Smashbox and I’m back using this, its a really affordable primer, and the makeup just does not budge after using it and at €4.50, you can’t go wrong by picking one up! Catrice can be purchased in must pharmacies or from Pennys.

After this I like to move onto the eyes while these products are working into the skin. Once eyes are completed, I clean up any fall down from eyeshadows etc.. And begin applying the foundation to suit the clients skin type.

When all is done, and your skin is flawless and radiating the beautiful finish that we wanted to achieve!  I set it with it using Mac Prep + Prime Fix + Spray.

This is a light mist that you apply over the face after makeup application. It not only helps set the makeup, but also hydrating it and leaving the overall finish looking amazing! It retails at €21.00 from any Mac store

Ok this was meant to be quick, so I hope I didn’t loose you half way! But I hope you found this informative and some what interesting.

Just remember that when applying makeup spend an extra 5 minutes beforehand really working on the skin and using these products or something similar to give you that extra glowing fresh face!

Hope you all have a nice evening!

Until next time.

Live pretty

Lisa D