Foundation Mistakes to AVOID!

Hello Lovelies,

So don’t deny it’s happened to the best of us where we do a quick rush job on the face and we are gone like a bat out of hell, huffing and puffing, when your 8 year old turns and asks “whats wrong with your face”?!! Eh ‘nothing’ is the response until you look in the mirror and frighten the bejeesus out of yourself!  Yep we have done it and not ashamed to say it, but I bet you learned something from it, am I right? foundation should match your skin not someone else’s!

Today’s post is a quick guide on what mistakes to avoid when applying foundation. So grab a cuppa and take note!

Picking Your Foundation Shade:

This can be the most frustrating part of makeup.  Countless shades to choose from yellow, pink, olive tones, sheer to medium, full coverage, it can be so complicated to pick the perfect one to suit you.  So my advise would be to always ask for a tester first, makeup counters such as Mac, Estee Lauder, etc… always have them so take advantage of this.  Ask for a light, medium and dark shade to be sure you have selected one that will match you.

Never test their and then because I can guarantee by the time you get home it will look completely different.  The lighting in these stores are completely different to the natural everyday light, this is when and where you should be testing your foundation.  I know a lot of the drugstores/pharmacies don’t offer samples but they have testers, try them on, bring a little compact mirror, go outside and see if it blends into the neck.  This is the only way you are going to get a perfect shade match.

We don’t want to end up like this ..

To test you simply apply three strokes of the different shade samples and place from the jawline to the neck, the one that blends into the neck, is the one you should be purchasing. Obviously if you are going to be purchasing a shade for nighttime wear take into consideration that you will be possibly wearing tan.

Foundation Type:

So we have our shade, but does it suit our skin type.  Just because we like the sound of a dewy finish to a foundation doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to suit your skin type.  If you have oily skin you should be avoiding foundations with illuminating ingredients in them, as these will only have you looking like a shiny hot sweaty mess!

Look for oil free or Matte foundations that are suitable for oily/combination skin type.

The Same applies to dry skin, don’t choose matte shades or powder foundations, as these will only make your skin look dull and cakey.

You need the dewy/illuminating or hydrating ingredients in foundation formulas to give you that natural glow and dewiness to the skin.

Foundation Flashback

Have you ever wondered why your face shows up white even though it looks perfect in person? Or better yet when when ur sitting with your pals on a night out and there is a fab group photo and in the back ground is this white pasty face, well my friend this is down to the SPF in your foundation or moisturiser plus the flash on the camera!  Yes SPF is important in both products, but I would recommend only for day time wear and change it up for nights out, the sun isn’t going to harm us in a dark club but a fricken flash from a camera can!! Yikes!!! Personally I find anything above SPF 15 will tend to flashback so I would refrain from using anything higher then this at an event where you know there will be flash photography

Another common error is the white powder flashback ooh good lord many celebrities have been caught with this major boo boo on the red carpet!  This is due to, again the flash from a camera picking up the light-reflecting particles in your makeup and giving your skin this white chalky appearance.

So how do we prevent this?  So besides sorting out the SPF issue, I am always aware of using to much illuminating products such as concealers, highlighters or HD powder as the light-reflection particles in these products can cause the (above pic) dreaded reaction from a flash, so I like to use them in moderation.  Only highlighting with either or, such as, if i’m using a concealer to highlight, I won’t set it with a lighter powder i’ll opt for a more translucent shade, and only focus my highlighting on the cheekbones, bridge of nose etc… less is always more.

If you are still in doubt take a sly selfie with a flash to check before you leave the house that everything is perfect. #shamelessselfie has it’s importance!!

Not using primer underneath your foundation

I get asked so many times about “why isn’t my foundation staying put” or “my foundation gets patchy”  and the question I always ask “do you wear a primer”?  Primers can make your skin look 100 times better then without.  It helps to smooth and even skin tone while also giving you a longer lasting effect on your foundation!

Like foundation choose one to suit your skin type e.g matifying primers for oliy skin, illuminating primers for dry skin.  All these essential products will make a perfect canvas for foundation application. 

Put the Hands Down Ladies!

We have all done this, applying the foundation with our hands and slapping it all over the mush, but ladies let me tell you this, for a flawless finish you need to invest in some foundation tools, they don’t have to be expensive, just practical!  

Applying your foundation with your hands can leave streaks and patchiness on the skin, nevermind the amount of product that is wasted!  Go get some brushes, work the foundation in using buffing, circular motions and you can thank me later for the results!  

These are the foundation brushes that I tend to use to achieve a perfect flawless foundation!   


Once I apply with my brush I go over with my damp beauty blender to pick up any excess foundation that sits in the fine lines!  This will help achieve a more smooth flawless appearance!  

So that’s it ladies, my take on how to avoid some major foundation disasters!  Hope it helps and don’t for forget we are always on hand to answer any makeup related questions you can catch us on our Facebook page Lisas’Livin’Pretty or our snap chat makeupbylisa or lisabeth-86.

Thanks for reading this far and hope you all have a fab weekend!  We are heading to one of our besties hen this weekend the excitement!! Enjoy ladies xx

Lisa D xx




Cailyn Cosmetics O! WOW Brush and BB Fluid Touch Compact 

Hey Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago myself and Lisa M took a trip to the Professional Beauty Show and lets just say I spent waayyyy too much, but it was all necessary (so I keep telling myself!).  The two main products that I want to mention though are from Cailynireland.

Cailyn Cosmetics is an American brand and has recently launched in Ireland.  I have had my eye on a couple of their products already so when I seen them at the beauty show it was a no brainer for me to pick something up.  I’m such a magpie when it comes to new products, I’m totally drawn to anything a little different, with the stylish packaging just tipping me over the edge.  So it was inevitable that I was going to purchase something in the Cailyn Cosmetics range!

So let’s get to the good part!

The O! WOW Brush is a tool that I have seen already and wondered how the hell do you use this, while thinking to myself that it undeniably looks a little like a toothbrush!  Do you agree?  Anyway not letting this cloud my judgement I picked one up to give it a try!  And lets just say I think I’m pretty hooked on this stylish weird-looking brush!  It’s perfectly suitable to be used with cream, powder, bb cream, liquid foundations, moisturisers, blush and highlighters to name but a few.  It’s definitely a multi-tasker of a brush.  Now I’ll be honest it took me sometime to figure out the technique and how best to use it, but I think I’ve mastered it.

The brush has an oval-shaped head, which is perfect for using under the eye and around the nose area of the face, the handle of the brush is also angled which makes the ‘Push and Pull’ technique easier to use.  You simply apply the foundation onto the brush, push it onto the skin then pull it in the direction you prefer, usually outwards, then in circular motions buff it into the skin.  I am not kidding when I say you get that airbrushed finish look to the skin, which I love!

The bristles are so densely packed together and the texture is velvety to the touch its very much a pleasure to use on the face, it’s like a mini face massage when buffing your foundation in.  Who wouldn’t like that!  It retails at €29.99 which I think is pretty okay considering the amount of usage you will get from this nifty brush! Needless to say why they chose the name O! WOW.

My second Cailyn purchase had to be this BB Fluid Touch Compact!  The packaging alone sold it to me it’s just beautiful.   Unfortunately for me though I picked up the wrong shade, I wanted something more day-time but this Nude 03 shade was 1 shade darker which meant I would need a tan, however I just applied down my neck and hey presto no one knew the difference!   Cailyn Ireland have 5 shades in the range and claims that this product

‘features a moisture rich formula to moisturize, brighten, correct and conceal skin imperfections. Vitamin E delivers essential hydration to maintain a dewy and luminous finish to your complexion’.  

I would say yes to all of the above, but I’m not fully convinced that it would conceal acne scarring or someone who suffers with roscea.  It has a medium, but buildable coverage, suited to all skin types but would suggest if you are a bit more on the oily side like myself, I’d apply a powder on the t-zone area just to keep it at bay.

What I like most about this unique compact is that it is designed to easily dispense the BB Fluid by simply pressing a button to prevent an overflow of product, which let’s get real we have all done the ‘oops that’s way to much’ line when pumping out our foundations, you have complete control over the amount of product that you need, which is an attractive selling point.  The other cool fact is that you can purchase a refill cartridge when your compact runs empty, which is perfectly eco-friendly, now that’s a bonus!  The Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact retails at €29.99.

Overall I’m a Cailyn Cosmetics fan.  I think this is a must-have product and would definitely recommend to someone who likes the BB creams with the added advantage of giving you that full, dewy, and concealing coverage.

Cailyn Cosmetics is available to purchase at Cailynireland

Below is a little snap of myself wearing the BB Fluid Compact using the O! WOW Brush to apply and as you can see the finish is amazing!  Their was no filter used in the pic, this is all me and my wrinkles in tow!!

Hope you enjoyed this and if there is anything that you would like us to review, just leave a comment either below or on our Facebook page Lisas’Livin’Pretty.

Until next time ladies

Live Pretty x

Lisa D

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A Little London Haul


Hi Everyone,

My lovely Mam turned 60 this month and last weekend my sister and myself took her to London to celebrate. We are partial to a little poke around the shops and every year we head off for a weekend around this time. As this was a special birthday we thought a trip to London would be a nice treat. Now most people would get giddy thinking about hitting the shops. All the clothes, the shoes, the bags…. But for me it’s the makeup aisle that makes my heart flutter. All those pots and jars and tubes of magic, big shiny cosmetic halls in big shiny department stores, I just can’t get enough!! I had to have a little word with myself before I even got to the airport (hellooo Mac just past security!!). Like…….I do not NEED more makeup…but I want it. With this in mind I only bought a couple of things…


First up was Primark Oxford St, one of the biggest Penneys I’ve ever seen. I was excited to see their beauty section but I have to say…. I was a bit disappointed. It was tiny compared to the Blanchardstown or Whitewater Penneys we’re used to here. I didn’t let that put me off though and I was ready to rummage for some beauty goodies. Their range of products was good with the PS Love range stealing the show. We’re big fans of the PS Love products and last week we posted our faves. They had all the lipliners, highlighters and lipsticks we know and love aswell as some eyeliners and liquid illuminators I hadn’t seen before and it was the illuminators that took my fancy.


My first impressions of these are that they are along the lines of the Boots Botanics Radiance Balm we have all been going nuts for, or even Mac Strobe Cream. Used under or mixed into foundation these creams brighten up the skin and give a gorgeous glow. The Illuminate – Skin Brightening Cream is a white cream not unlike Strobe Cream and the Liquid Glow – Radiant Highlighter Cream is more peachy-pink. I’m looking forward to giving these a good test and will post a review soon with what I think. We haven’t seen these in Ireland yet but keeping the eyes peeled.


Next up was the Mac store on Carnaby St. This is a pro-store and one of the only stores in London that you can get your discount if you are a Mac Pro member. My first purchase was a bottle of Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. This foundation has been getting rave reviews with it’s big selling points being excellent coverage and longevity. It all sounds very promising so I thought I’d try it for my kit thinking ahead to some weddings I am booked for abroad next year.


I also picked up a new Pro Palette with a 24 liquid insert. I’ve wanted one of these for ages , it’s the perfect solution for downsizing my lipstick collection as well as making them easier to see. As it is now, I spend so much time rooting around my lipsticks trying to find the one I want, not good in a hurry!! I will have to depot my lipsticks and melt them down into the palette. I will do a full blog post when I have it done to show you all.


Lastly I picked up Viva Glam 2 lipstick and Everyone’s Darling eyeshadow from the Macnificent Me collection. Viva Glam 2 was a repurchase , it’s a perfect pinky/browny/mauvy colour that I always have on the go. Everyone’s Darling is a deep red burgundy in a matte, perfect for this time of year 🙂


Not a bad little haul me thinks, a few necessities without breaking the bank 🙂

Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx

August Favourites!


Another month bites the dust!  The months are just rolling in to quick, but nevertheless I still had a lovely August and thought I would share my beauty favourites for the month!  However, having said that here is the problem.  I am a total beauty/makeup addict and asking me to pick my favourites was like asking me to choose my favourite child, impossible!  So I split them into categories of 5 skin care products and 5 makeup products.  It was a tough one but it had to be done!  These are the products that I use either on myself or on my clients and have repurchased time and time again.  So here it goes…

Skin Products


1.  Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser  30ml – €17

Anyone with dry skin will thank me for this one!  According to the brand “it provides the skin with all the nutrients and water needed for its balance, and accelerates all renewal signs of dryness and discomfort will disappear” and guess what it actually does!  Its fairly new in Ireland and not cheap but it’s also not going to break the bank, trust me though it is well worth the purchase.  It is suited to all skin types but anyone with dry skin will really benefit from this.

2.  Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant – €33

This has been in my kit for the longest time.  And any client of mine will know that I use this prior to any lip application.  It is just the best conditioner for any dryness or flakey patches on any area of the skin.  Well worth investing in and the smell is amazing!  Again at €33 its not cheap but you will get a very long time out of this product.

3.  Garnier Miceller Cleansing Water – €4

I think everybody and anybody know about this product, but still I had to share it.  i have repurchased this product numerous times already,  Its brilliant for removing makeup immediately and doesn’t dry out or irritate the skin.  It even removes stubborn lipstick and eye makeup.

 4.  Mac Strobe Cream (30ml) – €12 

I have been using this for quite a while now so I know exactly how is works and how amazing it really is.  Strobe cream is a light moisturiser basically. The product contains shimmering, pinkish micro particles that gives the skin this dewy and radiant appearance.  It can either be used alone on the skin or prior to foundation routine.  If you are into the JLO Glow well this beauty is for you.  It can be purchased in any Mac Cosmetics stores.

5.  Clarins Pure Melt Cleanser – €23

This product is so luxurious and leaves the skin feeling amazing afterwards.  Its a beautiful thick cleanser that goes on like a gel, you rub it until it turns into a liquidy oil, and then as you rinse it off with water it turns milky.  It also removes heavy makeup in an instant, as I previously demonstrated on Snap Chat!  I love this product and would highly recommend it.

Makeup Products 


1.  NYX Round Lipsticks – €5.49

These lipsticks are fairly new to me, but OMG they are amazing!  The product is creamy, smooth, pigmented, and even on the lips.  They leave a beautiful smooth cream finish on the lips and is almost quite moisturising.  I will undoubtedly be stocking up on all the shades in this range.

2.  Inglot Eye Shadows – €6

These eye shadows are one of my favourites to use on clients.  They are so blendable and so highly pigmented. The colours that Inglot provide are just amazing and the price point will make you repurchase.  You can buy any eyeshadow pan and for convenience purchase a freedom palette system and pop your favourites right in them.  I am very much a Mac head but I’m sorry to say Inglot is winning my heart at the moment!


3.  Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Polish €2.99

One word “Amazing”!  This brand has truly out done itself by launching these polishes .  Lets just say that I for one (and not ashamed to say it), am not a nail person! I’d rather go get my fabulous local beautician to pop on shellac/gelish and be done.  But however, I purchased these beauties a while back and I have been blown away by how much I love them.  The intensity of these polishes are beautiful and one coat really shows how gorgeous the colours are. These are definitely fool proof polishes and very much a good quality budget product!

4.  Inglot YSM Foundation – €20

Those of you with oily skin will adore this foundation.  It is a sheer, long lasting, light weight foundation with matifying agents.  The skin appears smooth and gives a natural looking matt finish, whilst leaving the skin radiant.  I use this on a lot of my clients and it photographs beautifully.  It has plenty of shades to pick from and at a price of €20 it’s very reasonable indeed.  I couldn’t recommend this product enough for anyone with oily skin, it will no doubt become your favourite beauty buy.

5.  Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara – €11.99

My last and final product!! This mascara is up there with the best of them, it does not budge.  I have went through many types of mascaras from your high-end brands to the drugstore, and this has proven to be a hit.  The brush is perfect, it has short and long bristles on opposite sides which makes it so much easier to get every last lash especially in the awkward inner corners! You should definitely give this mascara a go!

These products are just some of my favourites, yes I have a lot more and yes I will probably do another post about them, but for now during the month of August these seemed to be my most go to products!  

I hope you enjoyed this post and I probably did blabber on to much but hey I have a lot to say!  Don’t forget most of these products can be purchased locally in our pharmacies or your nearest Boots.  Ill leave a link below for the other brands to make it little bit easier to browze them.

Until next time all you fabulous beauties.

Live Pretty xx