Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Halfway through the week guys and with an exciting Sunday coming up for us Mothers its nice to assume we will have a day off and be spoilt rotten by our kiddies and other half’s. So if you are reading this and need some Mother’s Day Gift inspiration well then here are a few inexpensive ideas!

Aldi my friends are really upping their game when it comes to their great selection of gift ideas.  I found some cute little items that might just be worth picking up and will look pretty fabulous in your mums home or yours!

This Mini DAB & FM Radio is literally the cutest radio I have ever seen with this mini radio features DAB/FM technology in a stylish retro design.

  • LCD display
  • 20 preset stations
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Carry handle

I adore this so much that I will be queuing up on Aldi’s door step on Thursday morning! Just in case my other half isn’t reading this!  (which he better be!)  It is priced at €39.99

Also seen this cute almost shabby chic style Tea Time gifts which look adorable and would look awesome in the kitchen.  These are priced at €5.49 each.

Adli’s Candles are becoming a hot topic on the beauty bloggers feeds lately, haven’t managed to purchase one yet but I heard on the grapevine that the Freesia scent is amazing.  These are €4.99 each.

Now onto the beauty side of things.  I see Boots offering the Liz Earle Handpicked Daily Radiance Duo for €31.00.  This set includes the Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml, Eyebright Soothing Lotion 150ml & 2 pure muslin cloths.  These are a real treat, I love the Liz Earle products and would definitely recommend picking this up.

The No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror is amazing.  I have one of these and would be lost without it.  It gives you that perfect lighting when you are stuck in an unfriendly lighting situation.  #shamelessselfie!!  But seriously this is so handy for applying your makeup and with the built in ring light it makes life a little bit easier.  This retails at €34.99 click here to view.

Last on the beauty list is from,  it’s a 9 piece basic brush set by AYU Makeup for €55.  This set has everything you need to complete your makeup application from lip brush to powder brush this set will not disappoint. AYU Makeup are an amazing Irish brush brand that are catapulting onto the Irish beauty scene with a bang.  You will love them!

And lastly, son’s, daughters & husbands of course, the best pressie you can give your mother dearest is a well deserved day off, with her feet up and choco’s at the ready, no noise pollution just a relaxed Sunday with the family and of course waking up to breakfast in bed would be a great start to the day!

I hope this post has given you some insight as to what gift to buy and wish you all a fantastic weekend in whatever you do and whom ever you are with.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies xx


Until next time lovelies!


Live Pretty


Lisa D xx




Bridal Beauty – Our Essential Products


Hi Lovelies

As makeup artists the arrival of Spring means one thing……WEDDING SEASON!! We’re busy prepping our kits for the busiest time of the year. We’ve been working as bridal makeup artists for a long time now and inevitably we have found some favourite products along the way. As you probably know by now, we are the ultimate makeup junkies and when new products come on the market we are always first in the queue. No matter how many newbies we try though, there are old reliable’s that we always come back to. It’s the most important day of the brides life and probably the most important makeup of her life too….working on a bride the morning of her wedding is not the time to be trying a new product for the first time to see how it fares. We’ll always go back to the tried and tested products that never fail and we thought you guys might like to know what we swear by….


Estee Lauder DoubleWear Light Foundation


It really is all about that base and when it comes to bridal makeup and this foundation never lets me down. It has all the coverage that the original DoubleWear has but with a much lighter formula that looks flawless on the skin. I find it works lovely on all skin types and only needs to be powdered if the skin is very oily. Without powder it has a nice fresh finish that stays put all day. It’s available in shades 0.5 (lightest) to 6 (darkest) and I find I use shades 2 and 3 the most. At around €38 it’s not cheap, but it sure is worth it for our beautiful brides.




Mac Paintpot

One of the things we get asked most is how we get the makeup to last so long. We’ve had reports of perfect makeup well into the early hours and even the next day (not that we would ever recommend going to bed with your makeup on!!) And part of the answer is using long-lasting products as a base for every step. With eyemakeup this comes in the form of Macs ProLongwear Paintpots. These are cream eyeshadows with serious staying power. Buffed on to the eyelid and into the crease they create the perfect base for any eye look just apply your powder eyeshadows on top, although they can also be worn alone. They come in lots of colours but the most used for bridal makeup would probably be Painterly (beige matte), Bare Study (cream pearl),  Rubenesque (light gold pearl) or Groundwork (light brown matte). Again not the cheapest at €21 each but definitely worth every penny.




Inglot AMC Gel Eyeliner

Now I’m fairly sure we’ve mentioned this eyeliner on here before because it really is the best gel liner out there. On the brides big day she’s going to want peace of mind that her makeup is not going anywhere….even if there’s a few happy tears. So waterproof liner and mascara are an absolute must. This liner is the only one I’ve found to be truly waterproof, this stuff does not budge unless cleansed off with an oil-based makeup remover. I use shade 77 and it’s the blackest black and not that wishywashy greyish black you can get with other gel liners. Strong eyeliner is not everyone’s choice for their wedding day but this liner also works lovely blended softly into the lash line to create a more subtle definition. This is a bit of a bargain at €15 and even if it was double the price, I’d still buy it!!

This list could go on and on, we didn’t even mention skincare or fixing sprays, brow products or lippies but maybe we’ll leave them for another blog post. Next weekend we are off to a Bridal Makeup Masterclass with the AMAZING Amber Dean (look her up if you haven’t already!!) so no doubt we’ll come home with a list of new products we’ll be adding to the bridal kit.



If you have any bridal makeup queries you can contact either of us through Facebook and we’ll be happy to help, we can be booked individually or together for larger groups 🙂


Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx

Snap Chat Favourites

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend and weren’t too down and out over the weather!  Today is looking mighty fine out there so hopefully we will see a nicer change in the next couple of weeks! (I won’t hold my breath though!).

So today’s post is an updated SnapChat of who to follow!  I did one of these probably around 6 months ago and boy have I added onto that!  I listed some of my favourite bloggers and girl bosses to date I still follow all these fab ladies and love their snaps, but some have grown huge and it comes to a stage where we all know who we are talking about!  So today’s post is going to be my list of who I have become snapchat buddies to and always having the lols with on snaps!  Some have inspired me to be more active on it, some have really brought me out of my shell and some have just cheered me up to no end with their gas shananigans!

Sometimes I think that us little snapchatters are like little fish in a big pond that sometimes get swallowed up by big sharks!    So this post is just to highlight who I follow and also who you might want to add just to change up your snapchat feeds!

So here we go it’s going to be a long one so brace yourself!!


@jenniferdevitt was one of my first to follow and I am still stalking her snaps! Jennifer’s blog The Life and Style of Jen is one of my favourites to read! Jen is as honest as they come and absolutely cracks me up with her witty sense of humor, her BF Dean also makes cameo appearances, which can be quiet entertaining stuff!  You will love her.


@sinead-makeup snaps absolutely amazing makeup tutorials, giving you clear direction and info on products!  Her makeup looks are honest to god brilliant! So good that AYU Makeup have asked her to Demo at this years Irish Beauty Show!  Huge congrats to you Sinead!  Myself and Sinead have become really good snapchat pals and it’s so nice to be able to share product knowledge and some lols with her and this exactly why I love snapchat!  Her page Sinaed Make Up Artist!


My Galway girl @siobhanpop was also one of my first to follow!  Siobhan is such a lovely lady and OMG her lashes are amazzzzing!  (Had to get that in!!). With some fab makeup demos to lots of products to share, her snaps are so good and full of makeup tips and tricks! With her two kiddies in tow we have so much in common so I guess this is why we clicked from the start!


@jennydonohoe283 is one half of the Matte to Mattelic makeup gurus duo!  Jen has been with me from the start and was on my first list of snapchatters to follow!  She is witty, smart, gorgeous and tells it as it is! With some amazing looks and makeup tutorials you will definately love following her!  And if your like me, the person that catches up on snapchatters in your dressing gown with a fab hun bun in tow, well Jen will definitely be your cup of tea!!

I started following @kimdempo or sosodempo as some of you may know her a couple of months ago, Kim has to be thee most honest snappers I know, not shy of telling her opinions on products, and the occasional rant!  She has come such a long way with her amazing weightloss and is always giving great food advice and receipes that look fantastic! I always get very motivational after watching her snaps!! Go Kim X


@seraemily from The Style Guide Blog is another lady that has been with me from the start!  Sera has always been supportive of me from day one and helped me get back onto the snapchat saddle when I wasn’t feeling my usual self, so with a little pep talk from Sera I was back on my snap chat journey!  Sera is one of the nicest ladies you could have on your snap chat lists!


This cork beauty Paula @paulasbeautyblog has amazing products to display and great makeup tips!  Loves her smoothies and puts me to shame when I see how well she looks after skin with all the fab skin care products she owns!  Her facebook page is at Paulas Beauty Blog for those that want to see what I’m talking about!

@ajmakeup has to be one of my most motivational snap chatters for me! Not only is she great at all things beauty related but kick started me to try and eat clean and make healthier choices!  Her blog AJMakeup is full of beauty & lifestyle tips along with clean eating advice and also recently created a Facebook group called ‘The Clean Kitchen’ which is full of recipes from other people and great advice on where to start!  Also her snaps also give you a glimpse of her amazing apartment!! #wow


@aoifemcdonnelll has been so supportive of our blog and snapchat!  Aoife is a fantastic young lady that I have had the pleasure of doing makeup for a couple of times!  Her blog Aoifes Antics like ours is only a baby but keep your eyes out for her because she is a little gem and is going to go far!  So much product knowledge and her makeup skills are so good! Super proud of Aoife and thank you for always been supportive of us!!

Charlene Flanagan is an unreal makeup artist her snaps @charlenefmakeup of her doing her makeup will have you wanting to climb out of bed at midnight to slap on some makeup!  Such a lady and fab at her job.  Very informative with her snaps and is also getting married this year so looking forward to seeing her build up snaps to her big day!

@dianeeverttmua is a makeup artist from Waterford with the most amazing purple hair! Gosh would so love to be able to pull this look off!! Always showing how-to makeup demos and recently displayed some tan techniques with a paint roller!  See snapchat is super beneficial to us beauty junkies!  Go add her for great snaps or check out her page at Diane Everett Makeup 


Nicola is @sparkingbitch on snapchat but also is the owner of Buff & Blend, which is a makeup brush and lash brand!  Nicola is a makeup artist that took the plunge and went freelance then decided to create her own brush brand.  I think Nicola is going to be a #girlboss of 2016 her brand is on the rise and I can not wait to get my hands on some of her products at the Irish beauty show in March where Buff & Blend will have there own stand! So if you heading up there why not check her out!  Follow her snap chat to get loads of info on her lashes and brush collection!


Ah Tanya from @tany-rachel is a bubbly character that loves the chats on snap chat!  A great makeup artist and also has YouTube channel Tanya Rachel Makeup!  Such a lovely girl and her story about her little gold fish had me in a hoop! This just showed how caring this girl really is!


@sharonleavy from Behind Green Eyes is a character!  If your not on snap chat or you are and don’t know who Sharon Leavy is well your living in a bubble!  Sharon is my breakfast in the morning and tea at night!  Her stories are hilarious and her rants are even better! A stay at home mum of three gorgeous boys, she fills up my day with witty, funny and knowledgable stories!  You need to follow her!

Katrina from @katrinak2hair is the owner of said salon K2hair and mastermind behind Push-Makeup!  Her snaps are so funny and always full of positivity!  Her hair demos are amazing along with her makeup looks! I’ll be meeting Katrina in March when I’ll be attending her makeup and hair masterclass with the talented Amber Dean!  Super excited for this eeeek!!


Kayleigh from @kaylskreations is new to be but her nail art is so good!  So if you are looking for something a bit different from makeup well the Kayleigh is your girl for some fine nail inspiration! Her blog is KayleighsKreationblog.


Joyce from @makeumeupmua is another gorgeous lady that I love to watch!  Always gymming it and lots of beauty products to share!  Her latest makeup revolutions haul had me at hello! #makeupheaven!! Her facebook page is Make Me Up Mua


Lucy from @lbmakeup is recently new to me!  But the reason I’m sharing this is because this girl is only 16 and is a makeup maestro!  At 16 I hadn’t a clue what makeup even was nevermind applying it, but this young lady is unreal!  And Lucy will also be demoing at the Beauty Show for AYU Makeup!  Amazing!

@monstermakeupxx is so funny and always up for a laugh!  Her makeup is so good and flawless!  She has a great YouTube channel which is definitely worth checking out at Monstermakeupxx! And is currently lapping it up in Las Vegas not jealous at all!!


@fitznbitz is hilariously funny!  From rants about her sky dish to her fav lippy this girls stories will keep you on you toes! Also  youtuber check it out Fitznbitz!


Judi @judesmc OMG this girls hair is amazing and her lipstick collection, I want them all! A brow expert for Benefit Cosmetics hense brows always on fleek!! Love. her.snaps. Her facebook page is at Judes Law Blog


Laura from @laudempmakeup is a makeup artist from Waterford!  So talented and hard working, full of life on her snaps and genuinely comes across as a little gem!  Love her makeup and her banter on snap chat!  She makes me smile when I’m watching her chats! I sound like a weirdo but honestly she does! Also on YouTube at Laura Dempsey Makeup


Last but by no means least Jen from @toodollymakeup boy this girl has come a long way! This lady has gone from strength to strength within the last year!  Recently took part in a Rimmel competition, which she did exceptionally well!  Her snap chat makeup looks have caught the eye of many snapchatters and they are just getting better!  This girl needs a serious applause as she has built herself up to becoming one of Ireland’s best bloggers in my opinion, work hard play hard is my motto!! And not shy on the aul giveaways either!! Her blog Toodollymakeup and YouTube is here.
Okay so if you are still with me fair fecking play to you! Haha sorry for the long winded post but I really wanted to share with you my favourites and why!  I follow so many more but these are the ones that I prob tap on the most!

Go follow these ladies, these are all hard working and honest chicks!  Myself and Lisa Moore also snap and are @makeupbylisa & @lisabeth-86 if you fancy giving us a follow!

Thank you so much for getting this far!
Hope you have a great day X

Live Pretty Ladies!
Lisa D

Mac Makeup Haul Pt 2

Hello Ladies,

Previously I posted what foundations and concealers I purchased for my makeup kit that are completely essential for any budding makeup artist or die hard beauty junkie.  If you haven’t read it you can here.

My second part of my mac must-haves are of course their eye shadows.  Mac eyeshadows are just the bomb, they are so easily blendable and pigmented that you just can’t resist diving into their collection when you hit the store.  With a wide range to choose from its easy to pick up your favourite colour to make those twinkly eyes pop!

These are the ones I purchased starting with the very popular Texture, which is actually new to me, haven’t tried it before but it looks like a great transition colour. I have seen lots of MUA use it and of course had to have.


Texture by Mac Cosmetics

Then I just repurchased my favourites Patina and Satin Taupe.

Patina has to be the perfect lid colour for that natural but sutble smokey eye.  This is one of my go to shades for brides that want that soft smokey eye using neutral shades.


Patina by Mac
Satin Taupe has been one of my must-haves since I first bought my first one 5 years ago.  This colour is the perfect mauve/purple lid colour it’s amazing, if you don’t have this and are a complete Mac head you will not be disappointed.


Satin Taupe by Mac Cosmetics
Next up is a product I haven’t used before which is the Extented Play Lash Mascara.

To be honest, to me mascara is mascara, but I was really curious to try this out as I have seen the likes of my fav youtuber Jaclyn Hill and other MUA use this and wanted to see what the hype was all about.

I will update you when I test it out.  Appartently its great for the lower lashes and the wand is super small, which makes it easier and alot less messer to apply.  We’ll see!!

Next up was a new lippy!  If you haven’t heard of the Back to Mac concept well listen up!  Any mac 6 empties that you have can be brought back to the store and you receive a free lipstick of your choice, now isn’t that a bonus!  My choice was this beautiful deep wine colour a very vampy choice but wanted to get something different then a nude, as this is always my go to colour.  I haven’t tried this out but the swatch will give you an indicator of how this looks.


Hang Up by Mac Cosmetics

I then of course topped up my Strobe Cream and Fix Plus these two products are my holy grail products for prepping clients skin before makeup.  I have already expressed my love for these so Ill say no more! 
So that’s it a very quick round up of my latest visit to Mac and probably my last for a while!!

Any questions on the products mentioned above just leave a comment below or on our facebook page Lisas’Livin’Pretty.

Until next time lovelies!

Live pretty xx

Lisa D x

Mac Cosmetics

Brown Thomas

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Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm


Hi ladies and HAPPY FEBRUARY 🙂

I for one am glad to see the back of January, it’s definitely not my favourite month. So how are all the resolutions going?? I’m sure there’s one or two we might have started to let slip already?! I know some of mine are long gone out the window. There’s one I’ve managed to stick with though and that’s looking after my skin a bit better. I have been guilty before of the old quick swipe of a face wipe at the end of the day but I realise this is a major skin care no-no.


Ever since I seen the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm at Pippas Fashion Factory it has been on my wishlist, if it’s good enough for Pippa eh? So I was delighted when I got this cleansing balm at Christmas (thanks sis!!) It’s exactly what the doctor ordered for my tired, dull skin.


With some seriously lush ingredients like Rose and Mimosa waxes, Starflower and Elderberry this balm smells and feels amazing on the skin, It’s like a spa experience in a little jar. It’s supercharged with algae properties as well which is what gives it the anti-ageing affect, something I need to really work on now I’m heading for the big Three Oh!

The balm is a lovely luxurious consistency on the skin. You just smooth it on dry skin and it melts off any makeup or grime. It feels like a mini facial and then you remove it with a warm, damp cleansing cloth and the skin is left squeaky clean and silky smooth!! There’s even a lovely cleansing cloth included in the box. You can also use the balm as a mask, just apply a generous layer and leave it to do it’s magic for 10 minutes….fresh glowy complexion how are ya?!


It retails around the €60 mark which is a little bit spendy but the jar is 105grams and will last ages!! I’ve been using mine for over a month now and I’ve barely made a dent. It’s available to buy from any spa that carries the Elemis range or selected online stockists. have it on sale at the minute for €48, perfect excuse to invest or maybe drop some hints for a Valentines treat……

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 105g

Until next time,


Live Pretty,


Lisa M xx



My MAC Makeup Haul Pt 1


Hello ladies,

So I ventured up to Dublin 2 weeks ago with my Sister to stock up on my makeup kit and for some serious shopping therapy mostly window shopping I might add, but still thoroughly enjoying! 

I usually do my makeup hauls over on my snap chat @makeupbylisa but decided to just put into a blog and write a little about the products just if anyone wanted extra info.  I have spilt this post into two parts as I think you’d have eyes of gee by the time you finish reading it!!

First up are one of my favourite bridal foundations to use Mac Face & Body.  I purchased C2, C3, N1 & N2.  I will do another blog post next week going through what these shade numbers mean!

These foundations are extremely liquidity and probably best suited for dry to combination skin type in my opinion. It photographs beautifully hense why us makeup artists love them so much.  You can also apply onto the body or make those pins look super dewy, that’s why these make a popular choice for makeup artists that work backstage on fashion shows!  

The coverage is sheer to medium but very buildable!  So just apply extra on the area that needs more coverage usually the chin and nose area.  I have been using these foundations for almost 5 years and still love them as much as I did back then!  

Little goes a long way with Face & Body so less is definitely more with this product! 

This foundation is priced at €39.00 for a 120ml bottle which is a fair size foundation and can be purchased at MAC Cosmetics in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street, Dublin.

Mac Pro Longwear concelears are definitely a must-have for any Makeup Artists kit! They are my all time favourites for concealing those dark circles while highlighting the under eye area!  

These are the Pro-Longwear Concelears I have always used these and get it hard to breakaway, I have tried different brands but I always end up staying true to Mac!    

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer NW15, NW20, NW25, NW 35

There are numerous shades to choose from so you will be guaranteed to get the perfect shade for you!  These retail at €23.00 which is pricey but worth the investment!  

The one thing I would say is that you have to be work with them quickly when applying onto the under eye area as they set quite quickly.  I apply mine with either my Cailyn Cosmetics ‘O WOW’ Brush or a damp beauty blender (I will leave links below).  

Either one is great, using patting motions which helps the product blend into the skin!  If you don’t have either try using ur ring finger with the same patting technique.  I then set this in place with my setting powder!  

Cailyn Cosmetics O’WOW Brush €29.99 or Real Rechniques Miracle Complexion Sponage €6.95

To purchase the O’WOW brush just click Cailyn Ireland 

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge can be purchased in Boots or Cloud10beauty which currently have a 16% discount on products until Sunday.

That’s all for now and I will update with part 2 before the weekend!  Any questions on these foundations or concealer just leave a comment below.  

Until then. 

Live pretty lovely ladies x

Lisa D x

The Steampod – Our New Hair Hero


Hi Everyone

Lisa M here. Now it’s no secret I don’t have a clue when it comes to hair, how to style it……or in my case tame it!! Lisa D on the other hand is a total hair maestro , she can whip up the most beautiful style in no time and is always rocking lovely waves or braids. But me, I’m just lucky if I manage to drag a brush through mine. All through my teens I battled with naturally curly, unruly tresses and when the GHD came on the scene, it was a gift from god himself!! Finally something that could give me the sleek poker-straight hair I so desperately wanted in the early noughties!!


Fast forward 15 years and I’m still at war with my hair. It’s not as curly or frizzy as it used to be but still needs some TLC before it will behave itself. So I was intrigued when I started to hear a few people raving about the L’Oréal Steampod. Better than the GHD?? Impossible!! I had to check it out. After reading lots of reviews and chatting to a few hairdresser friends who had only postitive things to say, I decided to bite the bullet (the €180 bullet!!) and get one.

So basically it is a straightener, but not as we know it. Along the plates there’s a steam output so as you run the straightener over your hair it’s being injected with steam as you go. When I heard this first alarm bells started ringing because my hair + steam or any kind of moisture = frizz central!! But the whole point of the Steampod is you inject your hair with moisture as you style it. So that means then it doesn’t try to soak up moisture from the atmosphere, that’s how we usually end up with a frizzy floppy mess. I know a lot of salons use Steampods and it’s that good some even charge extra to have it as an “add-on” to your blowdry!!



To get the steam you have to fill up the little pod attached to the straightener with water and when you turn it on you can hear it heating up and the steam in action. I blast dry my hair and once it’s dry I go over my whole head with the Steampod and it takes me 10 minutes max!! Before I had to blast dry my hair, then section it and smooth dry it and then use the GHD and the whole process was taking me 30 minutes or more. So needless to say the Steampod is saving me loads of time!

FYI this is what my hair looks like after a quick blast dry…crazy wiry frizzy mess!!


I have been using the steampod once or twice a week now for about a month and I have to say my hair has never felt better!! It’s smooth and silky and that lasts right through until I wash my hair again a few days later. I notice the ends of my hair aren’t as dry and even my hairdresser commented on what good condition my hair is in.



There’s 5 different heat settings so it’s suitable for all hair types and I know there are Steampod serums and cream treatments for use with the straightener but I haven’t tried any of them yet. The only downside for me was it’s a small bit bigger than a GHD so it took a little bit of getting used to, it just felt a bit awkward the first couple of times I used it. But once I got the hang of it I flew it. There’s a comb attachment on the plate also and that makes it really easy to glide through the hair. So first impressions are a massive thumbs up from me, my poor GHD hasn’t seen the light of day since Christmas and I can’t see that changing anytime soon. Below are some links to where you find the Steampod if you’re tempted…..


L'Oreal Steampod White


Until next time,

Live Pretty xx

The TMI TAG – Lisa M

Hi Everyone.

Lisa M here. So by now I’m sure you’ve all come across the TMI Tag doing the rounds on social media, mainly Snapchat. I thought I might have escaped being tagged but Lisa D nabbed me earlier this week when she posted hers. So now it’s my turn to answer the 50 intimate questions….Too Much Information!! Most people are answering theirs on Snapchat but as I’m still adamant I won’t talk on Snapchat I’ll be posting mine here. Also saving my story from being 1746378263746 seconds long!! So let’s get crackin’…..


1 – What are you wearing?

Right now I’m in old leggings and and old loose jumper cos I just put on some tan.


2 – Have you ever been in love?

Yes and still am, just got engaged at Christmas so feeling very loved up.


3 – Have you ever had a terrible break-up?

Thankfully no.


4 – How tall are you?

5′ 7ish I think.


5 – How much do you weigh?

Too much……that’s all I’m sayin………


6 – Any tattoos?

No. I’m way too indecisive to pick something that will be inked on my body forever and ever!!


7- Any piercings?

I have a few different ones in my ears , lobes x 3, tragus and forward helix and I have the back of my neck done aswell.


8 – OTP?

Thomas Shelby, Peaky Blinders


9 – Favourite show?

The Walking Dead, Peaky Blinders and Sons of Anarchy


10 – Favourite band?

The XX, Arctic Monkeys, QOTSA, Kasabian, Foals, Alt-J, Interpol, Blur, Nirvana, Royal Blood, Stone Roses, White Stripes……the list goes on and on and on…….


11 – Favourite song?

Toughest question ever and I don’t think I could pick one.


12 – Something you miss?

This one is really hard. There’s lots of people that I miss, places I miss and times in my life that I miss. But right now I suppose I miss my friends in Canada and Australia the most.


13 – How old are you?



14 – Starsign?

Gemini…and I am very much a typical gemini!!


15 – Quality you look for in a partner?

Sense of humour and kindness.


16 – Favourite quote?

“What’s for you won’t pass you” and ” What’s meant to be will always find it’s way”.


17 – Favourite actor?

Christian Bale and Christopher Walken.


18 – Favourite colour?

All shades of pink and gold.


19 – Loud or soft music?



20 – Where do you go when your sad?

To my sister, mam or boyfriend.


21 – How long does it take you to have a shower?

10-15 minutes if I’m washing my hair, 5 minutes if not.


22 – How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?

Depends on what I have on that day. Anywhere between 10 minutes and half an hour.


23 – Ever been in a physical fight?

Nope I’m a lover not a fighter…..and I wouldn’t fight my way out of a paper bag!!


24 – Turn on?


Making me laugh!!


25 – Turn Off?



26 – The reason I joined Snapchat?

Curiosity to see what all the fuss was about. And I’m addicted now


27 – Fears?

Heights and I have totally irrational fear of my house being broken into while I’m there.


28 – The last thing that made you cry?

A particularly bad bout of PMS…..EVERYTHING made me cry!!


29 – The last time you said you loved someone?



30 – Meaning behind your blog name?

LisasLivinPretty is a joint effort and the other half is Lisa D. We’re both Lisas and wanted to bring that into the blog name ♡


31 – Last book you read?

The Girl On The Train, loved it.


32 – Current Book?

Not reading anything at present but I do have the Joe Wicks LeanIn15 cookbook on the go the past couple of weeks if that counts.


33 – Last show you watched?

Making A Murderer.


34 – Last person you spoke to?

Jamie my boyfriend.


35 – The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

An old school friend who is organising a hen party for another friend!!


36 – Favourite food?

Pizza, all day everyday!! And chocolate……chocolate pizza!!


37 – Places you want to visit?

Space!! I’d love to do a driving trip across America, New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and seeing all the “off the beaten track” towns.


38 – Last place you were?

London with my mam and sister.


39 – Do you have a crush?

Yes, lots of them.


40 – Last time you kissed someone?



41 – Last time I was insulted?

A few minutes ago with my boyfriend making up smart answers for these questions for me…


42 – Favourite flavour of sweet?

I always go for the red and purple ones first!!


43 – What instruments do you play?

I learned the keyboard when I was younger and Jamie taught me a few chords on guitar/bass but I’m useless at them all. I went for Piano lessons a couple of years ago but gave up too quickly 😦


44 – Favourite piece of jewellery?

My brand spanking new engagement ring…


45 – Last sport you played?

That’s funny…..


46 – Last song you sang?

A song my nieces made up that they sing all the time about their daddy turning 40.


47 – Favourite chat-up line?

Do you come here often?


48 – Have you ever used it?



49 – Last person you hung out with?



50 – Who should be next to answer these 50 questions?

I think everyone I would nominate has done it already so I’m happy to leave it at that. But maybe I could ask if you don’t already follow us on Snapchat you could pop over and give us some love. You’ll find us at @lisabeth-86 and @makeupbylisa.


I hope you enjoyed my TMI , it was tougher than I thought and I might have learned one or two things about myself.


Until next time,

Live Pretty xx

Snapchat TMI Tag

So if your on snapchat you will probably be aware of the TMI Tag (too much information) that has been doing the rounds, if not, well basically it’s a 50 question tag of personal questions about yourself, hence the TMI!  I was tagged on snapchat by @Jenniferdevitt from ‘The Life and Style of Jen’.  Now I know I’m supposed to do this tag on snapchat but to be honest I just don’t have the time to answer 50 questions without been interupted about 50 million times by the kiddios.  So a blog post is the best I can do!

So lets get started on the questions…

1.  What am I wearing?

Currently, my PJ’s and dressing gown.

2.  Ever been in love?

Yes and I still am.

3.  Ever had a terrible breakup?

I’ve had breakups but not terrible.

4.  How tall are you?

I think 5″4 approx.

5.  How much to you weigh?

Not a hope of me declaring that!!

6.  Any tatoos?


7.  Any piercings?

Just my earlobes.

8.  OTP (One True Pairing/Favourite Couples)

Elena & Damien from The Vampire Diaries

9.  Favourite Show

The Vampire Diaries

10.  Favourite Band?

The Coronas seen them so many times!

11.  Something you miss?

My Grandparents.

12.  Favourite Song?

This is hard because I’m always loving something one minute then something else the next, but I’m currently hooked on Justin Biebers ‘love yourself’

13.  How old are you?


14.  Star Sign?


15.  Quality you look for in a partner?

Kind, caring, funny, confident

16.  Favourtie quote?

17.  Favourite Actor?

Denzel Washington

18.  Favourite Colour?


19.  Loud/Soft Music?

Loud all the way!

20.  Where do you go when your sad?

Probably to my hubby, mam or sister

21.  How long does it take for you to shower?

Depends, usually 5 min but if I’m washing hair probably 15 min.

22.  How long does it take you to get ready in the mornings?

Not very long, I’d say 5 min, have to get 4 kids ready first so there is never enough time for me!!

23.  Ever been in a physical fight?

Nope unless you count the time when me and my brother used to kill each other when we were kids!  That used to get quite rough!!!! 

24.  Turn on?

A genuine person

25.  Turn Off?

Ingorance, someone the belittles someone else because they think its funny and rudeness.

26.  The reason I joined snap chat?

It’s was a new social media platform for me but everyone was on it so I thought I’d give it a go and been a makeup artist it was great for sharing product info!

27.  Fears?

The sea, I seriously cannot look at it without thinking of Tsunami’s its terrifying!! 

28.  The last thing that made me cry?

Watching ‘The Fault in our Stars’

29.  The last time you said you loved someone?

The kids just putting them to bed.

30.  Meaning behind your blog name?

Well myself and my blogger half are both Lisa’s and we love pretty things so hence the name ‘lisaslivinpretty’!

31.  Last book you read?

50 Shades of Grey

32.  Current book?

Nothing the last book scarred me for life!

33.  Last show you watched?

The Good Wife

34.  Last person you spoke to?

Alan my husband.

35.  The relationship between you and the last person you texted?

The last person I texted was Lisa Lisaslivinpretty other half!

36.  Favourite food?

Chinese food.

37.  Places you want to visit?

San Fransisco, Paris and Las Vegas

38.  Last place you were?

London with the girls.

 39.  Do you have a crush?

Besides my husband I’d have to say Jamie Doran ( The Fall & 50 Shades)

40.  Last time you kissed someone?

The kids putting them to bed.


41.  Last time I was insulted?

Don’t think I have been, that I know of!

42.  Favourite flavour of sweet?


43.  What instruments do you play?

Well I have guitar, I can’t play it though, so I don’t think that counts!  So no I don’t play an instrument.

44.  Favourite piece of jewellery?

My engagement and wedding ring.

45.  Last sport you played?

GAA Football for Mothers N Others. Great craic!!

46.  Last song you sang?

JB ‘Love Yourself’

47.  Favourite chat up line?

48.  Have you ever used it?

Haha NO!!

49.  Last person you hung out with?

Probably Alan watching the TV.

50.  Who should answer these questions next?

Ill have to nominate my blogger half Lisa Moore 

@siobhanpop (snapchat name)

@aoifemcdonnelll (snapchat) from Aoifes Antics

My Top 2015 Beauty Buys

Hello Ladies,

Happy New year to you all!  I’m sure there were lots of resolutions made and goals set for 2016, I’m not great at resolutions to be honest but have made plenty of goals to aim towards!  So let’s start this year in positive mode!!

So this is my first post of 2016 and of course I’ll have to start it with some reflection on 2015 so I have put together ‘My Top 2015 Beauty Buys’ that I think are a must-have and would most definitely purchase again.

Let’s start off with the most sought after product of 2015 the ‘Pippa Palette’ by one of my favourite Bloggers and Fashionista’s Pippa O’Connor for Blank Canvas Cosmetics .

The palette has been the most popular buy of last year.  It was sold out within a number of days and given rave reviews by many of Ireland’s top beauty bloggers! It’s still going strong and I can see why, with so many fabulous shades to choose from, you can go from a day to night look using one palette to create a gorgeous makeup look.  This palette is ideal for travelling, it’s conveinently packaged for that lady that travels a lot, as it has all you need to complete your makeover!  This can be purchased on Blank Canvas Cosmetics

For a full review on The Pippa Palette just click here .

Nip + Fab Viber Venom Wrinkle Fix is a new and very interesting primer/serum that states will fix those fine lines that might be popping up on your face.  It’s to be used prior to moisturiser and before makeup.

It contains Liftonin-express + Syn-Ake which are basically two ingredients created by Nip + Fab.  Basically these ingredients apparently give you a mild-botox like effect on the skin.  It provides a tightening effect that lasts for hours. Does it work? To right it does!!

I’m amazed at this product it has completely changed how my foundation looks and feels on my skin.  At 37 I am unfortunately getting the dreaded lines but this has honestly helped!  I would probably only recommend this to anyone that has fine lines or on more mature skin but if you are blessed with perfect skin well then this is probably not for you!  This is a WOW product for me!
I purchased mine from Boots which is currently half price at €13.49 so pick it up quick because this is the next big thing for 2016. Click here to purchase.

My ultimate find of 2015 has to be the NYX Butter Glosses I cannot understand how these are not more readily available!  I love these glosses the payoff is fab and they smell amazing! If you would like to purchase any NYX products check out Meaghers Pharmacy retailing at €6.30, they are an online stockist of lots of makeup and skincare brands.

With so many shades to choose from you will most certainly find your perfect gloss for those pouty lips!

Next is this Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 foundation brush.  This brush has to be my favourite go to brush to use on clients.  I love trying out brushes and I have a lot to choose from as I am obsessed about trying out new brands, but this for me has been exceptionally popular for me.


The F20 Flat Brush is made of short, dense synthetic fibres ideal for liquid, cream or powder products.  Stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush and notice the difference to your application.   This brush will set you back €14.99 for the Hot Pink HD Collection.

Blank Canvas have an array of brushes that I love but this one is what I recommend when I’m asked what foundation brush to buy.  These are affordable and definitely gives the likes of higher brands a run for their money.  Click here if you wish to purchase.

Mary-Lou Manizer is a fabulous honey hued luminiser which is a very popular choice when choosing a highlighter to give you that perfect healthy glow.


I use this highlighter on almost all my clients and the payoff is fabulous you will be catching everybody’s eye with theBalm‘s Mary-Lou Manizer as ‘the shimmer powder adds a gorgeous subtle glow to your face. The best selling Mary-Lou Manizer can be used to add extra definition by highlighting your cheekbones & brow bones or as an all over finish for your makeup’.  Available on Cloud10Beauty retailing at €20.50.  This is definitely worth the purchase as you can see mine is fairly well used but I have this for quite some time and little goes a long way.


Saving the best until last but by no means least the #girlboss of 2015 Marissa Carter and her famous Cocoa Brown empire.  Myself and Lisa Moore the other half of Lisas’ Livin’ Pretty had the pleasure of attending the launch of two new Cocoa Brown products at the Passion Persistence Pink party where Marissa herself unveiled these products.  Click here for a full review of these products.

These Instant Bronzing Gels have been a life saver for me, with four kids in tow this is the only product that I get a chance to lash on to give me a bit of colour before I head out on a night out.  You can purchase these from almost all Penneys, pharmacies or online beauty shops.  Marissa has done a fantastic job in creating these products and look forward to see what new products she creates for 2016!

That’s it from me for this week and I hope you enjoyed my Top 2015 beauty favourties!  I could of added a lot more but this post would of taken forever. But I hope I have given you some necessary info in the above products that you might be thinking of purchasing.  Let us know if you do as we would love to hear your feed back.


Until next time ladies,

Live Pretty.


Lisa D xx