Budget Beauty – Top 5 under €5


Hi Lovelies,

Happy Saturday, hope you’re all having a nice weekend and are getting into the swing of Spring. Today we wanna talk about budget beauty. Now I know we talk about our high end products on here and recommend our Mac, Estee Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury……but girls we do love a good budget beauty buy. More often than not it’s the Penneys and pharmacy brands that have us going gaga. And we know you lot love yourselves a beauty bargain too. So with that in mind we’ve put together a few products we’ve been loving recently, all under €5.



Essence Make Me Brow €3.10

This product arrived in a little hamper I was sent before Christmas from Ryans Pharmacy. I never used it before but was curious to see how it worked. It’s a gel product with little fibres that adhere to your brows instantly plumping them out a bit and adding definition. After using it on myself for a while I was really impressed and now it’s a  staple in my pro kit. It’s so easy to use all my students are hooked too.



Catrice Camouflage Cream €3.50

I seen this concealer first on Lucy Bradleys snapchat (@lbmakeup) when she used it during a demo and I was blown away by how well it seemed to work. It’s a high coverage cream concealer perfect for covering blemishes or doing a little defining work. I gave these a whirl on my bridal trials and they were amazing, even covering a shoulder tattoo for a bride to be!! They’ve been compared to Mac Studio Finish Concealer and so far I’m loving them.



Essence XXXL Longlasting Lipstick Velvet Matte €2.90

This is another recent purchase I am loving. With all the hype for liquid lipsticks and matte lip tints I thought I’d pick this up and see how it fares against some of the more expensive brands. The matte finish is so on-trend and the colour I chose is a warm browny peachy nudey (LOL) shade and it’s perfect for everyday.  This doesn’t dry out the lips which can be a problem with some other matte lip products. I’ll definitely be picking up the rest of the colours.


Catrice Blush Artist €4.95

This is a palette with 3 shades of blush and can be used to shape and highlight the face, using the darker shades on the apples of the cheeks and the lighter shades on the cheekbone to highlight. Although the packaging says Shader I don’t think there’s a shade dark enough to really use as a shader or contour in this one. But the colours are so gorgeous and they sit lovely on the skin. 3 blushes for under a fiver….yes please!!!




Essence All Eyes On Me Waterproof Mascara €2.50

Waterproof mascara is an absolute must in my kit. Working on so many brides I can’t run the risk of using a mascara that could end up half down the face during the day. I’ve tried and tested a few and this is one of my favourites. It’s a nice intense black and won’t move once applied. Perfect for anyone that suffers from watery or irritated eyes.  Yesterday the fabulous Kate McCormack Makeup also featured this mascara on her Facebook so it seems to be proving popular with all the pro’s.


So there you have it, 5 fantastic affordable beauty buys that rival any of the higher end products in our makeup bags. You could pick up all these for under €17…FAB!!!! So Happy Shopping ladies, if you try any of these products be sure to let us know what you think.


Essence and Catrice are available from Penneys nationwide and Ryans Pharmacy in Edenderry.


Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx


Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Halfway through the week guys and with an exciting Sunday coming up for us Mothers its nice to assume we will have a day off and be spoilt rotten by our kiddies and other half’s. So if you are reading this and need some Mother’s Day Gift inspiration well then here are a few inexpensive ideas!

Aldi my friends are really upping their game when it comes to their great selection of gift ideas.  I found some cute little items that might just be worth picking up and will look pretty fabulous in your mums home or yours!

This Mini DAB & FM Radio is literally the cutest radio I have ever seen with this mini radio features DAB/FM technology in a stylish retro design.

  • LCD display
  • 20 preset stations
  • Alarm clock with snooze function
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Carry handle

I adore this so much that I will be queuing up on Aldi’s door step on Thursday morning! Just in case my other half isn’t reading this!  (which he better be!)  It is priced at €39.99

Also seen this cute almost shabby chic style Tea Time gifts which look adorable and would look awesome in the kitchen.  These are priced at €5.49 each.

Adli’s Candles are becoming a hot topic on the beauty bloggers feeds lately, haven’t managed to purchase one yet but I heard on the grapevine that the Freesia scent is amazing.  These are €4.99 each.

Now onto the beauty side of things.  I see Boots offering the Liz Earle Handpicked Daily Radiance Duo for €31.00.  This set includes the Cleanse & Polish – Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml, Eyebright Soothing Lotion 150ml & 2 pure muslin cloths.  These are a real treat, I love the Liz Earle products and would definitely recommend picking this up.

The No7 Illuminated Makeup Mirror is amazing.  I have one of these and would be lost without it.  It gives you that perfect lighting when you are stuck in an unfriendly lighting situation.  #shamelessselfie!!  But seriously this is so handy for applying your makeup and with the built in ring light it makes life a little bit easier.  This retails at €34.99 click here to view.

Last on the beauty list is from Dolledup.ie,  it’s a 9 piece basic brush set by AYU Makeup for €55.  This set has everything you need to complete your makeup application from lip brush to powder brush this set will not disappoint. AYU Makeup are an amazing Irish brush brand that are catapulting onto the Irish beauty scene with a bang.  You will love them!

And lastly, son’s, daughters & husbands of course, the best pressie you can give your mother dearest is a well deserved day off, with her feet up and choco’s at the ready, no noise pollution just a relaxed Sunday with the family and of course waking up to breakfast in bed would be a great start to the day!

I hope this post has given you some insight as to what gift to buy and wish you all a fantastic weekend in whatever you do and whom ever you are with.

Happy Mother’s Day Ladies xx


Until next time lovelies!


Live Pretty


Lisa D xx



Penneys Christmas Gift Guide – Under €20



Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone!!

It is the 1st December so technically I’m allowed to be on the festive side without been stoned for been in the Christmas spirit!  

So a while back we had a Penneys Haul post which was a Pt1 series, so I thought why not kill two birds with 1 stone and make it a Christmas gift guide also.  

Now if your stuck for a Christmas stocking filler or that teenager that you just don’t know what to buy and have a budget that you have to stick too, well then, this post might just be what you need!

I have come bearing gifts that are all beauty related and surprisingly all added up to under €20, now do I have your attention!!!

Let’s start off with Penneys (Primark) masks.  I have been using these for a while now and let’s just say I’m quite impressed!  

We have the Rejuvenate Mask €1.50, which is a Brightening and Moisturising 3D Mask, hey anything that remotely feels like it will brighten up my skin is a definite winner!

Ahh my favourite Nose strips €1.50, I know not the most attractive way to be seen, but these One Step Cleansing Nose Pore Strips with Aloe, are worthy of your attention!  

And my all time essential Eye Patches €1.50, now stop me if you don’t agree that anything that says that it will reduce dark circles, is something that you just have to have!  I for one am in desperate need of some dark circle cure, so why not give these a go!! 

Not a bad pampering set to have, let’s continue…

Next up is some amazing Eyeshadow sticks that are smudge proof and let’s just say for €2.50, I want Penneys (Primark) to make a bigger selection as these bad boys are simply gorgeous!  

They are super pigmented and can be woring either alone or under other eye shadows, you should definitely pick yourself up some as these are a total must-have!  Simply apply from the stick onto the lid and blend out with a fluffy brush, they are that easy!

I used a flash on the above pic so that you could see how fab these are, very festive if I do say so myself!

Also on the beauty hit list are my oh so popular lip favourites! 

The No. 15 Liquid Lipstick €2.50, is a very popular choice for the Penney junkies and this beauty along with a lipstick €1.30 and liner €1.50, will no doubt give you extra brownie points in the friendship department!   

Now if I have already giving you some inspo on what to get that girl that loves to be beautified, well then we all know that no look is complete until you pop on some lashes, and one thing that Penneys does best is supply some fab lashes!!

These are the Natural lashes, now don’t get distracted by the length of them as these are favourably becoming my go to lashes! For €1.50 you cannot go wrong! The thin band makes it that much easier to apply, remember to always wait until the glue becomes tacky before you place the lashes on the lash line.

We are getting to the end of our budget but just to max it out why not pop in one of Penneys PS Love… Nail Polishes €1.50, with some fab colours in the range I think you will find the perfect colour to fill up that Christmas basket/hamper for your loved one!!

Pic Courtesy of Google

Now that is one beauty basket that I would love to receive!!  


 The box in case anyone wants to know is also from Penneys, I think it was €5, but don’t quote me as I have it a while now, but it makes a nice little hamper!  (Not included in €20 budget!)

Hope you all have a lovely week in whatever you might be doing!

Until next time!

Live pretty xx

Lisa D x

Saving A Little for Christmas – Top 3 Tips


Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a lovely long weekend and had fun whatever you got up to. We were busy busy busy with lots of makeups but that’s the way we like it.

Now that the October bank holiday is over and we’re heading in to November our thoughts are turning to the festive season…..that’s right Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is an expensive time for everyone, with presents for everyone and the food and drinks for the festive feast, the costs don’t be long totting up. If you’re like us though and like to be prepared , you’ll love our 3 top tips for saving some pennies in the run up to Christmas.


1. Save your loose change everyday.

Those coppers that we carry around in our purses, we forget that they carry value. At the end of every day empty out the coins from your purse into a savings jar or piggy bank and you’ll be surprised how quick they add up. With just about 8 weeks to Christmas you could have a nice little sum saved up by then, a few bob for a night out or a new party dress maybe….


2. Sign up for loyalty cards

If you haven’t already , you need to sign up for store loyalty cards asap!! These are such an easy way to earn rewards in your favourite shops, you simply scan your card every time you shop and every cent you spend will earn you points on your card. The points on your card are then converted back into money and sent back out to you as vouchers to be spent in store….it’s like free money!! I keep all my Tesco vouchers to spend at Christmas on the food shopping and use my Boots Advantage points to help with the presents.


3. Step away from the Coffee shop

Now this is definitely easier said than done if you depend on your caffeine fix to get you through the day. However a trip to the coffee shop will cost you at least €2 or up to €5 if you go for macchiatos or frappucinos. So if you go to the coffee shop every day Mon-Fri  that’s a weekly spend of €10 – €25!! And that’s before the scone or muffin!! Save some of that hard earned money by picking up a nice travel mug and some of your favourite coffee to make a cuppa yourself to bring with you or have in the office. You’ll spend a tenner on the mug and some coffee but that beats €25 a week, and you could save yourself €80 – €200 between now and Christmas.

Has anyone else started a little saving for Christmas? Be sure to let us know your top tips.

Until next time,

Live Pretty xx