My Online Healthy Eating and Fitness Plan with That’s So Shelly Fitness

Hello ladies/gents!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately but life just get’s in the way at times and at the end of the day our blog is an enjoyable hobby that myself and Lisa M love to do, but we have been both up to our eyeballs with work, so something had to give.  But having said that I’m back with something a little personal and not my usual form or layout of a typical beauty blog post.  So go easy on me as I’m not usually one to show full body shots in not the most flattering attire!! So I’m a bit morto over it!!

Firstly some background on moi!  I’m a mother of 4, so you can imagine how consumed your day can be together with the added pressure of two jobs to hold down! My daily food intake would consist of a somewhat reasonable breakfast, substantial lunch, and that’s where it ended!  After lunch I’d be snacking on crap food, tea, biscuits, bars or toast that was my dinner!  I’d make dinner for everyone else of course but dinner would never bother me!

So as you can imagine eating like this with no exercise was always only going to lead one way!  The weight was gained the fitness level dropped to an all time low, my confidence became dented and I lost the motivational battle! My head was all over the place!  And this is when I knew I had to change!

As some of you maybe aware if you follow me on snapchat (@makeupbylisa) or Shelly (@thatssoshelly) I was kindly asked by the fabulous Michelle Malone of Thats So Shelly Fitness to participate in her 4 Week online healthy eating and fitness plan!  Shelly contacted me at the right time, I was ready and willing to get myself back on the fitness bandwagon and gain back what I had lost ‘my motivation’!  I was looking for something that would simply slip into my busy schedule and this was perfect for me.  I was 100% ready to commit to this plan, I’d simply had enough of eating unhealthy food and feeling low all the time.  No more excuses, no more whinging and wining about clothes not fitting,  I had to change my way and it was down to me alone to do it.  Like I said on my snapchat, your head has to be in the right place to follow a plan, mine finally was.

My goal was simple, to lose weight by eating healthy and regain the fitness that I once had!  Shelly was a complete rock throughout this whole experience, always on hand for advise with a little motivational pep talk!  Weekly email updates on food plan, prep work a receipe book with plenty of food choices!  I felt very comfortable to reach out to her when I needed some guidance!  So the ball got rolling and the measurements were taken!

These are the first pics that I sent to Shelly ‘My starting point’.  When I looked at these first pictures I was gobsmacked, I knew I’d put on weight, but I never saw myself in the way that this picture portrays. So this for me was a complete game changer!

The withdrawals during week 1 were insane, OMG, I thought I’d never get through it, but I did, I pushed past it and knew if I got through that I’d sail through the rest of it.

I went back to my local gym and signed up for every class I could fit in!  Like everyone, I needed something to challenge me and joining these classes was exactly what I needed!  As Shelly would say ‘If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you’.  I started exercising almost 5 days a week and making sure to incorporate the excercise plan that Shelly sets out for you.  I was delighted to feel that motivation again!

Third week in I could immediately see the physical change in me!  The cravings had stopped, I was eating food that I’d never heard of or wouldn’t dare try!   My food shopping was now consisting of healthy foods and less treats!  The shopping list that is provided by Shelly is literally pasted to my hand bag to make sure I’m missing nothing and staying on track!


Excuse the hack of the above picture I was only home from the gym when it was taking (you can see the sweat) but like I said I’m baring it all! Lol!!


This was my final result picture after 4 weeks!  I’d lost a total of 6 1/2 Ib and 9 1/2 inches!  To say I was thrilled is an understatement!  I feel brilliant and confident again!  I still have a bit to go, but I know I can keep it up!  This wasn’t meant to be a quick fix, this for me was to completely overhaul my body slowly and steadily so that I knew I stay on track and maintain it!  The inches and the toning up for me were what I physically wanted to see, my hard work was paying off and will continue to do so in the future!


I have now signed up to do the 28 Day Body Blitz with Shelly and I’m thrilled to be feeling 110% better then when I started!

I honestly thought at the beginning that I wouldn’t be able for it, but when I look at these pictures I can honestly stand back and say why the hell did I let myself go that far! It is definately mind over matter when it comes to eating healthy and exercising!  If these are the results within 5 weeks I can’t wait to see them in another 5!

So ladies if this is something you are looking to do please just do it!  It’s a plan that can be done at home, you don’t have to do the gym this was just my preference!  Shelly’s  workout plan is catered to doing it at home, it’s 1/2 hour to 45 min out of your day to make time for you!

Click That’s So Shelly Fitness to see other success stories and maybe start today a fresh and new YOU!  Shelly is also on snapchat @thatssoshelly for those that might be on it and looking for some healthy tips!

That’s it lovelies, I hope I didn’t lose you half way, but really wanted you see and read my experience.  Even when I am finished with the plan I will still continue to take my weekly measurements and pics as I really found this helped me focus on my goals.

Until next time ladies/gents


Live pretty

Lisa D xx