Cailyn Cosmetics O! WOW Brush and BB Fluid Touch Compact 

Hey Everyone,

A couple of weeks ago myself and Lisa M took a trip to the Professional Beauty Show and lets just say I spent waayyyy too much, but it was all necessary (so I keep telling myself!).  The two main products that I want to mention though are from Cailynireland.

Cailyn Cosmetics is an American brand and has recently launched in Ireland.  I have had my eye on a couple of their products already so when I seen them at the beauty show it was a no brainer for me to pick something up.  I’m such a magpie when it comes to new products, I’m totally drawn to anything a little different, with the stylish packaging just tipping me over the edge.  So it was inevitable that I was going to purchase something in the Cailyn Cosmetics range!

So let’s get to the good part!

The O! WOW Brush is a tool that I have seen already and wondered how the hell do you use this, while thinking to myself that it undeniably looks a little like a toothbrush!  Do you agree?  Anyway not letting this cloud my judgement I picked one up to give it a try!  And lets just say I think I’m pretty hooked on this stylish weird-looking brush!  It’s perfectly suitable to be used with cream, powder, bb cream, liquid foundations, moisturisers, blush and highlighters to name but a few.  It’s definitely a multi-tasker of a brush.  Now I’ll be honest it took me sometime to figure out the technique and how best to use it, but I think I’ve mastered it.

The brush has an oval-shaped head, which is perfect for using under the eye and around the nose area of the face, the handle of the brush is also angled which makes the ‘Push and Pull’ technique easier to use.  You simply apply the foundation onto the brush, push it onto the skin then pull it in the direction you prefer, usually outwards, then in circular motions buff it into the skin.  I am not kidding when I say you get that airbrushed finish look to the skin, which I love!

The bristles are so densely packed together and the texture is velvety to the touch its very much a pleasure to use on the face, it’s like a mini face massage when buffing your foundation in.  Who wouldn’t like that!  It retails at €29.99 which I think is pretty okay considering the amount of usage you will get from this nifty brush! Needless to say why they chose the name O! WOW.

My second Cailyn purchase had to be this BB Fluid Touch Compact!  The packaging alone sold it to me it’s just beautiful.   Unfortunately for me though I picked up the wrong shade, I wanted something more day-time but this Nude 03 shade was 1 shade darker which meant I would need a tan, however I just applied down my neck and hey presto no one knew the difference!   Cailyn Ireland have 5 shades in the range and claims that this product

‘features a moisture rich formula to moisturize, brighten, correct and conceal skin imperfections. Vitamin E delivers essential hydration to maintain a dewy and luminous finish to your complexion’.  

I would say yes to all of the above, but I’m not fully convinced that it would conceal acne scarring or someone who suffers with roscea.  It has a medium, but buildable coverage, suited to all skin types but would suggest if you are a bit more on the oily side like myself, I’d apply a powder on the t-zone area just to keep it at bay.

What I like most about this unique compact is that it is designed to easily dispense the BB Fluid by simply pressing a button to prevent an overflow of product, which let’s get real we have all done the ‘oops that’s way to much’ line when pumping out our foundations, you have complete control over the amount of product that you need, which is an attractive selling point.  The other cool fact is that you can purchase a refill cartridge when your compact runs empty, which is perfectly eco-friendly, now that’s a bonus!  The Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact retails at €29.99.

Overall I’m a Cailyn Cosmetics fan.  I think this is a must-have product and would definitely recommend to someone who likes the BB creams with the added advantage of giving you that full, dewy, and concealing coverage.

Cailyn Cosmetics is available to purchase at Cailynireland

Below is a little snap of myself wearing the BB Fluid Compact using the O! WOW Brush to apply and as you can see the finish is amazing!  Their was no filter used in the pic, this is all me and my wrinkles in tow!!

Hope you enjoyed this and if there is anything that you would like us to review, just leave a comment either below or on our Facebook page Lisas’Livin’Pretty.

Until next time ladies

Live Pretty x

Lisa D

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Saving A Little for Christmas – Top 3 Tips


Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a lovely long weekend and had fun whatever you got up to. We were busy busy busy with lots of makeups but that’s the way we like it.

Now that the October bank holiday is over and we’re heading in to November our thoughts are turning to the festive season…..that’s right Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas is an expensive time for everyone, with presents for everyone and the food and drinks for the festive feast, the costs don’t be long totting up. If you’re like us though and like to be prepared , you’ll love our 3 top tips for saving some pennies in the run up to Christmas.


1. Save your loose change everyday.

Those coppers that we carry around in our purses, we forget that they carry value. At the end of every day empty out the coins from your purse into a savings jar or piggy bank and you’ll be surprised how quick they add up. With just about 8 weeks to Christmas you could have a nice little sum saved up by then, a few bob for a night out or a new party dress maybe….


2. Sign up for loyalty cards

If you haven’t already , you need to sign up for store loyalty cards asap!! These are such an easy way to earn rewards in your favourite shops, you simply scan your card every time you shop and every cent you spend will earn you points on your card. The points on your card are then converted back into money and sent back out to you as vouchers to be spent in store….it’s like free money!! I keep all my Tesco vouchers to spend at Christmas on the food shopping and use my Boots Advantage points to help with the presents.


3. Step away from the Coffee shop

Now this is definitely easier said than done if you depend on your caffeine fix to get you through the day. However a trip to the coffee shop will cost you at least €2 or up to €5 if you go for macchiatos or frappucinos. So if you go to the coffee shop every day Mon-Fri  that’s a weekly spend of €10 – €25!! And that’s before the scone or muffin!! Save some of that hard earned money by picking up a nice travel mug and some of your favourite coffee to make a cuppa yourself to bring with you or have in the office. You’ll spend a tenner on the mug and some coffee but that beats €25 a week, and you could save yourself €80 – €200 between now and Christmas.

Has anyone else started a little saving for Christmas? Be sure to let us know your top tips.

Until next time,

Live Pretty xx

A Little London Haul


Hi Everyone,

My lovely Mam turned 60 this month and last weekend my sister and myself took her to London to celebrate. We are partial to a little poke around the shops and every year we head off for a weekend around this time. As this was a special birthday we thought a trip to London would be a nice treat. Now most people would get giddy thinking about hitting the shops. All the clothes, the shoes, the bags…. But for me it’s the makeup aisle that makes my heart flutter. All those pots and jars and tubes of magic, big shiny cosmetic halls in big shiny department stores, I just can’t get enough!! I had to have a little word with myself before I even got to the airport (hellooo Mac just past security!!). Like…….I do not NEED more makeup…but I want it. With this in mind I only bought a couple of things…


First up was Primark Oxford St, one of the biggest Penneys I’ve ever seen. I was excited to see their beauty section but I have to say…. I was a bit disappointed. It was tiny compared to the Blanchardstown or Whitewater Penneys we’re used to here. I didn’t let that put me off though and I was ready to rummage for some beauty goodies. Their range of products was good with the PS Love range stealing the show. We’re big fans of the PS Love products and last week we posted our faves. They had all the lipliners, highlighters and lipsticks we know and love aswell as some eyeliners and liquid illuminators I hadn’t seen before and it was the illuminators that took my fancy.


My first impressions of these are that they are along the lines of the Boots Botanics Radiance Balm we have all been going nuts for, or even Mac Strobe Cream. Used under or mixed into foundation these creams brighten up the skin and give a gorgeous glow. The Illuminate – Skin Brightening Cream is a white cream not unlike Strobe Cream and the Liquid Glow – Radiant Highlighter Cream is more peachy-pink. I’m looking forward to giving these a good test and will post a review soon with what I think. We haven’t seen these in Ireland yet but keeping the eyes peeled.


Next up was the Mac store on Carnaby St. This is a pro-store and one of the only stores in London that you can get your discount if you are a Mac Pro member. My first purchase was a bottle of Prolongwear Nourishing Waterproof foundation. This foundation has been getting rave reviews with it’s big selling points being excellent coverage and longevity. It all sounds very promising so I thought I’d try it for my kit thinking ahead to some weddings I am booked for abroad next year.


I also picked up a new Pro Palette with a 24 liquid insert. I’ve wanted one of these for ages , it’s the perfect solution for downsizing my lipstick collection as well as making them easier to see. As it is now, I spend so much time rooting around my lipsticks trying to find the one I want, not good in a hurry!! I will have to depot my lipsticks and melt them down into the palette. I will do a full blog post when I have it done to show you all.


Lastly I picked up Viva Glam 2 lipstick and Everyone’s Darling eyeshadow from the Macnificent Me collection. Viva Glam 2 was a repurchase , it’s a perfect pinky/browny/mauvy colour that I always have on the go. Everyone’s Darling is a deep red burgundy in a matte, perfect for this time of year 🙂


Not a bad little haul me thinks, a few necessities without breaking the bank 🙂

Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx

How To: Clean Your Makeup Brushes!


Hello ladies,

The dreaded brush cleaning!  This has to be the bane of my life, it is one job that I hate doing (I can’t even bribe the kids to do it!) I know first world problems right!

I am always doing demo’s over on my snapchat regarding brush cleaning, but as you know it only stays up for 24 hours (thank god for that) but I’m always asked to pop another one up.  So I thought I’d put it on our blog, where you can have a place to find out what products and tools we like to use to get our brushes all nice and bacteria free!

Cleaning your brushes is very easy and inexpensive to do…when you know how!  It is very easy to neglect and put it off, because lets be real it’s a dreaded task, but having said that it has to be done.

To maintain your brushes I’d recommend washing them every week or two depending how much you use them of course.  Bacteria will build up on the brushes which can be very harmful on the skin causing infection and breakouts, this is something us women could do with out!!  Apart from the gross bacteria, they will also stop applying the product smoothly for you, this is why it is so important to clean those brushes.

Product to Use:


1. Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

2. Johnson’s Baby Oil

3.  Saucer

4.  Paper Towels (optional)

5.  Hand Towel

Seevideo for full tutorial on Cleaning Your Brushes. Bare with us though as this is our first you tube tutorial ha!! So like they say please Subscribe and give it a thumbs up!!


If you do want to take the hardship away and go with a less time consuming method you can opt for a good brush cleaner like Inglot’s Brush Cleaner, which I think is the best out there.  I use this between clients to give a quick spray on the brushes and I’m good to go…but I do find that eventually you can tell when they just need a good deep cleaning to get that brush back to its full potential!!

Remember to always make sure to dry your brushes with the bristles facing downwards as this is the best position to place them to be sure that water does not seep down to the ferrule (this is the metal part of the brush that holds the hair in place), which will eventually start to loosen up the glue which holds the brush hair together.

I hope you find this video somewhat interesting and gain some knowledge in keeping those brushes feeling like newbies!

Until next time!

Live Pretty xx

Lisa D

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PENNY’S Beauty Must-Haves Pt 1


Hello Ladies,

So who would have thought that the good old reliable Penny’s stores would bring out such a fab and cute beauty range!  Not only is Penny’s the queen of our reliable cosy knit cardi or our favourite onesie, but now its affordable beauty range is giving us all sorts of beauty tension when tearing it through the shop floor to get to the beauty isle!!

Penny’s/Primark brought out their own beauty line called PS Love… some time ago, but I’ll be honest I wasn’t running to grab it, but the price tag wasn’t something to be ignored and making it very tempting to purchase!  But I’ll hold my hands up and say that they have flourished within the beauty market, their products are becoming makeup artists and beauty junkies top must-haves and causing quite a stir in the beauty department.  They have so much to cater for that I’d be here all night writing about them, so we have decided to spilt it into part’s this is Pt 1 (obvs!) The products that I have chosen are just my favourite at the moment and think they deserve a mention.  So lets get to it…


PS Love… Highlighter in Pearl Queen €2.50

Now we all know if you follow my snap chats that I love my highlighters so when Jenny Donohoe @jennydonohoe283 from Matte to Matallic mentioned this PS …Highlighter in Pearl Queen on her SC, you know it was a must have for me, I had to purchase!  So what do I think… I really really liked it, its super pigmented and mineral based as a matter of fact in my opinion it’s quite close to the very popular Champagne Pop from Becca Cosmetics by Jaclyn Hill, its quite a yellow/golden highlight which would suit most skin tones.  For a retail price of €2.50 I think that this product is Penny’s diamond in the rough.  Its gorgeous, and the packaging is super classy so if you can get your hands on it, grab it you won’t be sorry.


Pssst…I think I have found my fav affordable Liquid Lipsticks!

Image-1 (2)

I’m telling you for €2.50 you have to try these, they are flipping amazing, again SC followers will know how much I wear them.  I think this is a definite beauty must have, it’s the prettiest nude colour with a pink/peachy undertone perfect for that not too much lippy, but yet a kissable looking pout!


Liquid Lipstick in No.15 €2.50

It has a sweet fragrance and I find it lasts a good 2/3 hours without a top up. They also have this gorgeous pink shade in No. 01, which I think is stunning, I’m not much of a pink lippy person but I would definitely feel comfortable wearing this shade.  They are super pigmented and apply so smoothly onto the lips.  Definitely are a purchase that is worthy of taking space up in your makeup bag!


         PS Love… Liquid Lipstick No. 01 €2.50

PS Love… Individual Lashes are one of my favourite lashes ,these beauties are essential in my makeup kit, I can’t rave about them enough.  These are probably Penny’s best-selling lashes as I haven’t been able to stock up for sometime!! The beauty of these lashes is that it only takes 2/3 individuals to give you that fullness that we love when we apply mascara.  Now I know individuals are not the ideal or friendliest of lashes to apply, but if the strips aren’t for you, well these will be your saviour.   You just literally use a tweezers, and pop the lash in a little bit of glue, let it go a little tacky, then place it right at the lash line (not on the lid, just where your lashes begin), once the glue sets you can pop on your mascara to blend it in with the rest of your lashes.  These lashes vary between short, medium and long, in one pack and for €1.50 its an absolute bargain beauty buy!


PS Love…Individual Lashes €1.50

So that concludes my Pt 1 of Penny’s Beauty Must-Haves I could literally keep going but then I’d have nothing else to write about!  I will definitely be purchasing plenty of other goodies from their PS Love… range as I think that they are definitely onto a winner with this affordable range.

PS.. I hear their brushes are pretty cool too.


PS Love… Individuals Lashes in use.  Very natural and not heavy on the eyes, I love them!!

Happy shopping ladies

Live Pretty

Lisa D x

Professional Beauty Ireland and Nima Turns 3


Hi Ladies,

Hope you all had a great weekend and are all set for the week ahead. We just wanted to fill you in on a bit of what we got up to over the weekend. We were delighted a few weeks ago when an invitation to join Nima Brush in celebrating their 3rd birthday popped into our inbox. We are big fans of Nima Brush as you might remember from our review of the 13 piece Elite Brush set a couple of weeks ago. Nima Brush is an Irish company run by the amazing Niamh Martin. Niamh is an incredible makeup artist and also a makeup tutor. So when she decided to create her own line of brushes she knew what she was doing. She launched Nima brush in 2012 with one set of a few brushes and the company has just gone from strength to strength since then. From the Elite collection, Artistic collection, Nima tubes to the famous Nima Mitt, her products are taking the Irish beauty market by storm.

FullSizeRender (2)

So Thursday evening Lisa D and I got our gladrags on and headed off to Bronze Bar & Lounge on Baggot St. We were greeted at the door and our names were checked off the guestlist (oooh fancy!!). The venue was gorgeous , amazing interior that featured some incredible bodypainting work by Hayley McGowan shot by Barry McCall as backdrops. Once inside it was a makeup brush wonderland!! All the Nima Brush products were out on display for us to oohhh and aahhh over and a new set of Artistic brushes were launched on the night. We were spoiled with a €10 voucher which could be used on the night and there was lots of other goodies, spot prizes and best of all…cupcakes!! We had a great evening celebrating with Nima brush and it was a lovely chance to catch up with our favourite bloggers. The highlight of the night for me was when Niamh said the obligatory “few words”… could tell how proud she is of how far Nima has come and what the brand has become. She spoke with pride and passion and I really felt it was an example of “She believed she could so she did”.

FullSizeRender (3)

This weekend also saw the return of Professional Beauty Ireland to the RDS. This beauty expo runs every October with a similar one, The Irish Beauty Show, running every March. It’s a trade show open to all beauty professionals with all the main beauty supply companies there. Although it’s mainly geared towards beauty therapists (tan, nails, waxing, massage) every year there’s more and more on offer for makeup artists. The main attractions for most makeup artists are Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Crown Brush, Fuschia Makeup and Nima with other brands such as Makeup Atelier and Ciara Daly also there showing their wares. Most products are sold VAT free or discounted so it’s always a good opportunity to stock up the kit!!

Charlene Flannagan Makeup    @charlenefmakeup


As well as the retail side of the expo, they also have live demos and seminars running throughout the two days. These are fantastic for picking up some new tips and seeing some of the industries best in action. Some of our favourites were there, Charlene Flanagan, Tara O’Farrell, Kate McCormack. The Beautiful Truth (Sinead Kavanagh) hosted a seminar titled “How to Get Blogging” which myself and Lisa D were eager beavers sitting up the front for, learning all about the blogging business for Lisas’ Livin’ Pretty. Sinead delivered a fantastic seminar, it was really informative and we came away with a great insight into how to get the most from our little blog. Now to get to work applying our new knowledge……

Sinead from The Beautiful Truth Blog @thebeauttruth


So a great weekend all round, only made better by the reds taking home the county title!!

Until next time,

Live Pretty xx

Naked : On The Run

Hi Everyone 🙂

You might have noticed by now that here at Lisas’ Livin’ Pretty, we love ourselves a palette!! And oh lordy have we found a total gem from Urban Decay!!

The Naked : On The Run palette is one hard working wonder box. Apart from base and brows, this palette has everything else you need… There’s a bronzer, blush and highlight to sculpt that face to perfection.

There’s 5 eyeshadows in a mix of matte and shimmer. Although the colours are all quite neutral, they are really versatile and can be used to create any look you want, as subtle or dramatic as your mood takes you.

What really makes this palette stand out from the rest though is that it also includes an eyeliner pencil, mascara and a lipgloss, all decent sizes and gorgeous colours.

The eyeliner is their 24/7 Glide On Eyepencil in Stag. It’s a really soft formula that goes on easy and can be blended and buffed if you prefer a softer look. The mascara is their much loved Perversion mascara. This mascara has been getting rave reviews and it’s easy to see why, big lashes in a jiffy 🙂 The Naked gloss that’s included is a very wearable soft pink shade with great colour pay off and bonus points for it not being too sticky.

As per usual with Urban Decay the packaging here is beautiful, just look at it 🙂 All these gorgeous products fit so neatly into this little box and there’s a good sized mirror inside. Perfect for doing your makeup…eh….on the run!!

So what do you think? Is this worthy of a place on the Christmas wishlist? We certainly think so….

Until next time,

Live Pretty,

Lisa M xx

The Perfect Glow

Hi Ladies,

Hope you have all had a fab weekend and ready to plough through another week!

I just wanted to do a quick little post on what products I use on clients to achieve that dewy/glow to the skin. It’s probably one of the most frequent questions I get asked so why not tell you all about it, this is why we started the blog in the first place right!

So let me begin by saying that prepping the skin before applying makeup is essential. If you apply your makeup on dirty skin you are not going to achieve your desired makeup finish! Would you paint over your walls if they were dirty or even paint over dirty nail polish nope, why? Because it just wouldn’t work, the dirt would eventually start to come through! It’s that simple, you have to start with clean skin free from any previous makeup etc…

Most of my fabulous clients would come into me having done there daily routine cleansed, toned and moisturised which is brilliant, either way I always make sure to use my fav skin prep technique.


Embryolisse Lait-Creme Contretre Nourishing Moisturiser 30ml

This is my holy grail of moisturisers! I have already mentioned it in my beauty favs but just to recap, it leaves your skin feeling uber soft and fresh, a brilliant product for dry skin, but can be used on all skin types. It’s a 6 in 1 Multitasker, primer, moisturiser, makeup remover, (although I haven’t used it as one yet) repair mask, an after shave cream, and a baby cream. This product is only new to Ireland and is available in Boots retailing at €17.

Now for the star products! I’ll give you the names of what I use and then a possible dupe for it that you can purchase in a drugstore!



Mac Strobe Cream

This is the main product I use on clients, I absolutely love this, it has that pearly pinky illuminating finish and I use it either all over the skin or only on key points depending on the clients skin type e.g. If a client had really dry skin than I could use this all over the face or if they were oily I would only use on the T-Zone, Cheek bones, Cupid’s bow etc.. Because this product is so good at what it does I think you have to be careful how you use it. It’s called Strobe for a reason!!! It retails at €12 for a 50ml bottle but a little goes a long way!! You can also mix a tiny bit of this with your foundation just to give you that little bit extra!


Boots Botanical All Bright Radiance Balm 50ml

This product has become very popular within the beauty community, it retails at €7.99 but it’s half price at the moment at €3.99. It leaves your skin feeling and smelling amazing. The finish is gorgeous and very subtly leaving you with a stunning fresh glow on the skin. This can be wore alone or underneath your foundation.

Next up is Primer!

Primers in my opinion are an absolute must! They even out skin tone and fill in any unwanted pores or fine lines! If you find your makeup is sliding of your face when your on a night out, chances are you haven’t applied a primer or just not the correct one!



Smashbox Photo Finish

This is a silicone based primer it is thee best primer in my opinion this bad boy will hold onto that make for dear life, it is going no where!! It’s silky and lightweight texture helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores leaving a flawless skin with a velvety smooth finish. It is pricey at €33 definitely a luxury product but again a little goes a long way. Available in boots stores.


Catrice Prime & Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base

This is my fav drug store primer, I am actually currently out of my Smashbox and I’m back using this, its a really affordable primer, and the makeup just does not budge after using it and at €4.50, you can’t go wrong by picking one up! Catrice can be purchased in must pharmacies or from Pennys.

After this I like to move onto the eyes while these products are working into the skin. Once eyes are completed, I clean up any fall down from eyeshadows etc.. And begin applying the foundation to suit the clients skin type.

When all is done, and your skin is flawless and radiating the beautiful finish that we wanted to achieve!  I set it with it using Mac Prep + Prime Fix + Spray.

This is a light mist that you apply over the face after makeup application. It not only helps set the makeup, but also hydrating it and leaving the overall finish looking amazing! It retails at €21.00 from any Mac store

Ok this was meant to be quick, so I hope I didn’t loose you half way! But I hope you found this informative and some what interesting.

Just remember that when applying makeup spend an extra 5 minutes beforehand really working on the skin and using these products or something similar to give you that extra glowing fresh face!

Hope you all have a nice evening!

Until next time.

Live pretty

Lisa D

Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels


Hi lovelies,

Hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday and it’s even better knowing Friday is just around the corner!

Anyway, last Sunday myself and Lisa M had our first official outing as Lisaslivinpretty, and boy was it a good one! We were treated to the most beautiful pink event at the Shelbourne Hotel, where the inspirational Marissa Carter and the Cocoa Brown Ladies launched the two new products in the tanning range!

Now as a mother of 4, tanning is not something that I care to do, firstly because I don’t have time to stand like a pillar waiting to dry and secondly I have a 2 year old pulling out of me every chance he gets! So I’m always on the look out for the perfect instant tan that is quick drying, easy to apply and child proof!

So when Marissa introduced these two new products you could almost hear every mother in the place jumping off their seats punching the air screaming YES!! (Ok maybe that was just me!!) But I said to myself this has to be the answer to my demands for a perfect instant tan.


Rolling along… Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels in Matte and Shimmer. I couldn’t wait to try these products, Monday morning came kids shipped out to school, 2 year old occupied by wrecking some room, and me plastering my arms and legs with tan using the Cocoa Brown Double Sided Pink Velvet Mitt!! The application was very easy, the product spread smoothly and evenly when working it into the skin and the gel formulation makes the drying process much quicker. 

These were tested to the max, from going around wearing shorts (in my house of course!) to doing all the normal day to day chores, it didn’t budge. It also claims to be splash proof and I would definitely agree with this, thank the heavens I can stand in the rain again and not worry about a trail of tan running behind me!!

So let’s break it down for you! Like all the other Cocoa Brown products these bronzing gels are non-comodengenic, meaning they can be used on the face and won’t block pores or cause breakouts. They also have the Cocoa Brown signature scent of Tahitan Gardenia so no dodgy fake tan odour, I’m sure your other half will be delighted with this!! 


This is a picture of the tanning gels on my legs, left is the Matte and right is the Shimmer, very hard to pick up the shimmer but it’s their trust me! But you can see the colour pay off is beautiful. 


The next picture is of my arms, I used my flash so that you could clearly see the shimmering effect, I loved how it looked, the shimmer is not too much so don’t worry about looking like a disco ball, its very subtle and flattering!  What do you think?

These products are available from next week onwards at any Cocoa Brown stockists and also at retailing at €6.99. 

Overall I am absolutely thrilled with these products equally and bravo to Marissa Carter for yet again pulling another beauty out of the bag.  I would be very happy to recommend to any tanning ladies who want that instant tan in a flash! 

Until next time ladies,

Livepretty xx